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DIY Prom dresses: Juniors make their own

Maria McAlister-Young makes her dress. Photo by Kristi McAlister.

By: Ella Howard


With prom right tomorrow night, the only things the upperclassmen seem to be concerned about is what they will be wearing, who’s going with who and what’s happening afterwards.There is a big area of focus on attire. At any given moment, people are asking each other about where they bought their dress and if they have any pictures of it. But what if you didn’t buy your dress?

Three juniors, Maria McAlister-Young, Jaya Reddy, and Courtney Sullivan-Wu, all elected to either make their dress from scratch or buy one and significantly alter it.

McAlister-Young has chosen to make a full-length white and pink satin two-piece from scratch, which cost her about $200 in total. “It’s probably more expensive than what I would have spent on a ready made dress,” she said, but she added that it doesn’t bother her because she loves sewing so much. When asked what inspired her to design and create her own dress for the event, she said, “I really like sewing and I really like making my own projects. When I was younger, I made my first day of school dress every year until middle school. Other than that, I just like the fact that I can customize it and make it exactly the way I want, and tailor it to fit.”

Both Sullivan-Wu and Reddy bought dresses and chose to alter them. Reddy chose a white strapless dress, which she bought at Goodwill for eight dollars, and is adding decals and a sash to it, pulling from an Indian dress style called Lehenga. Sullivan-Wu chose a classy Hollywood red colored dress, and is pulling inspiration from the Victorian era. She described it as, “Red Carpet Hollywood meets vintage Victorian Era.”

All three girls, McAlister-Young, Reddy and Sullivan-Wu, are planning on making their dresses themselves again next year. Reddy wants to do this because it’s a tradition between her mom and her. She said, “My mom made me clothes when I was young all the time, I always had different outfits, and then growing up I stopped doing that, but my mom then started making my dresses because that’s something she loves to do, she loves to sew. So she taught me to sew and that’s something we do together. ” McAlister-Young, and Sullivan Wu cited similar reasons.

Is this a new trend?  Will there be a plethora of Seniors rolling up to Prom in their handmade gowns next year? We will have to wait and see!

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