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Seeing Double

By: Lauren Pineda

The Schofield twins (left = Anabella, right = Sofia). Photo provided by Sofia Schofield

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a twin? As you may know, there are many twins here at d.tech, including me. To compare experiences, I interviewed six twins.

Senior Sofia Schofield is twins with Anabella Schofield. They are identical twins, meaning their DNA is exactly the same. Sofia said that her favorite part about being a twin is that she always has a best friend who understands her, and likes the same things as her. I am the same way with my twin, Andrea. Sofia said that since they have similar talents, they can collaborate and make something better than they would have on their own. When asked about any downsides, she said that since they are always together, people don’t know them as individuals. This is a problem I have as well, but since my sister and I are not identical, people are able to tell us apart more easily. She also said that it’s annoying when people they’ve known for a long time still can’t tell them apart. Above all this, Sofia said, “I’m very grateful to be a twin!”.                     

Junior Joanne Luong is fraternal twins with Paige Luong, meaning their DNA is different. Joanne’s favorite part about being a twin, is that people are always shocked when she tells them that she has a twin sister. She said it’s also nice that since they do the same activities, it’s more convenient for their parents because it’s less driving. My parents do a lot less driving as well, because my sister and I do the same things. When asked about downsides, she said, “It took me awhile to learn what individuality is.”  Joanne said she had to understand that she is different from her sister, and that not every decision she makes has to include her sister. Unlike Joanne, this is something that I didn’t struggle with, because even though my sister and I are always together, and we do the same activities, we have different interests. When asked if she would rather not be a twin, she said that she would rather be a twin because it makes life more interesting.

Brandon Yu, a Junior, is fraternal twins with Ethan Yu. He said that his favorite part about being a twin is that he has a friend for life. When asked about downsides, he said that it’s annoying when people ask which one is older, as if it will change their personalities. I’m one minute older than Andrea, but it doesn’t change our personalities. I can see how Brandon might find it annoying. When asked if he would rather not be a twin, he said, he would “Never not want to be a twin”. He also said, “I can’t imagine how different my life would be if I were not a twin.”

Seeing Double. Art by Andrea Pineda.

In addition to the sets of twins here at D.Tech, there are also “undercover twins”, or  students who are also twins, but their twin goes to a different school, so it’s hard to figure out that they are twins.

For example, d.tech Senior Jeffrey Bernstein has a twin brother that goes to Carlmont High School in Belmont. Jeffrey said that between d.tech and Carlmont, the deciding factor for his brother was Carlmont’s choir program. When asked about how he felt about going to different schools, he said, “It’s nice to go to different schools because we can compare with each other.” Andrea and I obviously go to the same school, but we can still talk about and compare our days with each other, because we each do different things. Jeffrey also said that being separated helps them feel more like individuals, instead of feeling like a pair. This is something I understand, because when my sister and I do everything together, we tend to come across as a pair, instead of individuals.

Another undercover twin is Senior Dallas Galarza. He and his twin brother are fraternal, and his brother doesn’t go to d.tech. Dallas said he likes going to a different school than his brother because they went to elementary school together, and it was nice to change things up and become more individual. He said, “I relied on my brother a lot at SV, (Saint Veronica Catholic School), and here, I don’t.” Andrea and I went to the same elementary school as well, in fact, we went to the same elementary school as Dallas and his twin brother, but we decided to stay together for high school, partly because we wanted to stay together, and partly because it was most convenient.

Senior Sebastian Golden is also a twin, but his fraternal twin brother goes to Carlmont High School. In freshman year, Sebastian actually went to Carlmont with his brother, but then he transferred to d.tech, because the larger size of Carlmont wasn’t a good fit. When asked if he preferred going to a different school than his brother, Sebastian said, “Since Carlmont is a much bigger school, I didn’t see him that often, so it wasn’t much different coming to d.tech.” He said that they didn’t choose to go to different schools, but that it just worked out that way.

Twin life, as confirmed by some of the twins of d.tech, means having a best friend for life. In my opinion, twins have a special bond, and life is absolutely more fun when you have a twin!                              

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