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What d.tech Students Thought of Prom

By: Maggie Frank

April 28th, 2018 marked the second annual d.tech prom for upperclassmen. Like with every dance, students had mixed reviews.

Photo by Evan Tung


Student Maeve Kelly. Photo by Maggie Frank

Junior Maeve Kelly:

Favorite thing: “Dancing with my friends was super fun! Getting ready was fun, the prep with everyone was fun. The food was also really good.”

Least favorite thing: “Dancing for four hours was really long and painful the next day. The venue wasn’t what I was expecting; I thought it was gonna be just like one big space, but it was still really fun.”

Scale: 7.5/10

Student Andrew Osgood. Photo by Maggie Frank.

Junior Andrew Osgood:

Favorite thing: “I thought it was good, I mean I had a lot of fun before we got there, like on the limo and stuff. Especially when [my friends] and I were dancing.”

Least favorite thing: “The beginning was kind of awkward because no one wanted to dance, some other things that could’ve improved was playing some [more] music that everybody knew. Overall I had a good time”

Scale: 8.5/10

Student Daniellee Benfica. Photo by Maggie Frank.

Senior Daniellee Benfica:

Favorite thing: “It was pretty fun, I guess I liked the dancing and I liked the dj, the way he mixed the songs, and how he took requests really fast.”

Least favorite thing: “I guess the dance floor was a little bit on the small side.”

Scale: 8.5/10

Student José Obregon. Photo by Maggie Frank.

Senior José Obregon:

Favorite thing: “The DJ was actually pretty good, people were not that boring this time, like they were actually dancing.”

Least favorite thing: “Parking badly in from of my date’s parents.”

Scale: 7.5/10


Student Benji Chang. Photo by Maggie Frank.

Sophomore Benji Chang (went as a guest):

Favorite thing: “I liked hanging out with friends, the food was also good.”

Least favorite thing: “I’m not big on dancing, so for me it was more just like a social thing, but yeah I had a good time.”

Scale: 7 or 8/10


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