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Dragon Editors: Then and Now

By: Derrick Kwan

The Dragon‘s writers and editors meeting about their next paper edition. Photo by Derrick Kwan.

In Lessley Anderson’s final unit for her junior English classes, students are expected to write multiple articles for the d.tech Dragon. As d.tech students desire to be self directed, Anderson decided to ask every class if some would want to be an editor. Three people from every junior class plus some seniors in her Writer’s Workshop class are editors, but what made them decide to become an editor and what do they think of it now?

Anderson decided to teach journalism as her final unit because she found that “there are so many life skills you pick up” from it. From “talking to people” to “presenting information”, there are many things you can use everyday.  Anderson says that even if students without any experience become editors, overall it doesn’t matter because “you don’t need to be great at writing stories at first… Organization and communication is key for an editor.” Additionally, “thinking about the big picture, thinking critically, and being encouraging” are necessary skills to have as editors, according to Anderson.

Web Editor in Chief (EIC), senior Bradley Kishiyama, became an editor after being a section editor his junior year, and decided to continue this year as the Web EIC because he had “a good experience working with a lot of cool people and read a lot of stories that you normally won’t read.” Compared to last year, Kishiyama has a lot more work now that he has to supervise all articles that are being published on the website, “especially more than ever now that the junior class is writing too.” Kishiyama has to post junior and senior stories daily and finds it “easy” now that he is used to it. He just has to make sure “everything makes sense and flows okay.”

Senior Michael Bentley, who joined the senior section editors a week ago because “we needed more editors to edit the junior stories” says that you don’t really need any prior experience to take up the task.  One benefit of being an editor is the ability to write one fewer stories for the unit, however he says that his schedule is now “just a little bit more homework”. Although Bentley feels he has “improved his writing style by looking at others’ [stories]” he has decided he that he “won’t consider doing journalism in the future after he graduates.”

Just like Kishiyama, Emily Hom was also an editor last year as a junior, but now is now Print EIC. “It was a good way to be in a leadership position and was super fun,” Hom says. According to Hom, this year the editors have “so much more control over the newspaper now that it is an actual thing.” Hom meant that the class didn’t have much structure nor did they publicize the newspaper last year. Hom says that being an editor is easy, however as EIC she has to check stories back to back “three days before the late night” which is when all editors stay late working on all the articles before turning in the final draft to be printed. However, she says that overall “it’s worth it”.

The Dragon started off as the final unit for seniors last year, and now consists of  Emily Hom, Print Editor in Chief; Bradley Kishiyama, Web Editor in Chief; Section Editors Ella Rook, Hayden Navarro, Sebastian Golden, Nick Dal Porto, Matthew Eng, and Michael Bentley; Art Director Arthur Yu and Photo Editor and Social Media Coordinator Evan Tung.

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