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Andrew Nourie’s Weight Loss Story

Ashley Chen | achen19@dtechhs.org | June 8, 2018

For most teens, eating healthy is almost unheard of. Stuffing your stomach with chips and candy is almost second nature. However, for d.tech junior Andrew Nourie, he intentionally put an end to those bad habits and experienced a recent physical transformation.

Nourie began losing weight back in August of 2017, when he weighed about 230 pounds. Since then, Nourie has lost a total of 60 pounds, and now weighs 170 pounds. Nourie describes how his switch between hockey to boxing spurred his weight loss journey. “It was just a mixture of quitting my past sport which was hockey, and getting into boxing, and then trying to get into the right weight class, and also I wanted to up my self esteem,” says Nourie. “I also just didn’t want to be fat anymore.”

To drop 60 pounds in the span six months, Nourie did two things: Boxing four to five times a week, and dieting. He chose to follow a diet called the Ketosis Diet, which focuses on cutting out all carbs, and consuming lean meats. “You don’t eat red meat, sugars, bread, rice, none of that,” says Nourie. “I did eat a ton of spinach, turkey, fish, eggs, and things like that.” The biggest challenge was giving up soda. “It’s really addictive. You don’t even notice it until you try to quit,” says Nourie.

Nourie had many supporters, including his boxing coach, Victor Pasillas. “He was a huge influence on me. He‘s an amazing boxer and an amazing coach; he gave me the entire diet and told me exactly what to do,” says Nourie. He also had the support of his fellow gym mates. “All the people at the gym were super supportive and everything. After I lost all the weight, they posted a picture on Instagram and everything about me, and that felt really good,” says Nourie. Lastly, his close friends at school, specifically juniors, Troy Springett and Jacob Floro, encouraged him.

Springett did notice a change in behavior when Nourie began losing weight. “He was a lot angrier when he began losing weight, but he was really driven. “ According to Nourie’s friends, he constantly talked about losing weight and working out, “He’s pretty loudmouthed about his weight. He told everybody. He let everybody know he was losing weight,” joked Floro. Since Nourie’s weight loss was often the topic of conversation among their friend group, a running joke began of Nourie not being the “chunkmaster” anymore.

“We like to joke around a lot. We used to all call him the chunk master, but now I’m the chunk master,” says Floro. Behind all the name calling and jokes, Nourie’s friends were always supportive.

“I made sure to not insult the weight he was at and encourage him when he needed it.” says Springett.

“I made fun of him a lot, but I’m overall pretty proud of him,” adds Floro.

However, this support system seems to have been lacking at home, “My family wasn’t as supportive. It kind of hurt a lot when my mom would look at me and say ‘Oh you’re getting too skinny.’ Or my dad would be like, ‘Oh I’m worried about you.’ Just seeing them be scared [even though] I was doing something that I wanted to do, was just kind of hurtful,” says Nourie.

In addition to Nourie’s physical change after losing weight, there was also a mental transformation. At the beginning of his weight-loss journey, Nourie was scared of looking at himself in the mirror, and was insecure about how he thought people looked at him. Nourie explains: “While I was working out, I would be jumping rope in front of a mirror, but I would turn around because I was scared of seeing how I looked. I didn’t feel confident in anything I did.”

His overall mindset has changed. Nourie is now more open minded, confident, overall a lot happier, and is less quick to get angry at people.

“He seems happier now. He has a lot more energy, and he is a lot more confident. I think it’s because he finally did something that he really needed to do for himself,” explains Springett.

Nourie has continued to keep off the weight by frequently boxing. “I hit a lot faster and harder now. I am in the weight class I want to be in,” comments Nourie. However, he has stopped using the Ketosis diet. Although, he does watch what he eats by staying away from sugar, and only eating home-cooked meals, he will have a slice a pizza and soda every now and then when he is hanging out with friends.

Nourie explains that the hardest part of it all was starting, but by gradually creating a routine, it got much easier. “It’s okay to take those rest days, but you can’t have the mindset of it always being a rest day,” says Nourie.

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  1. We need you to give a talk at a community meeting about this journey. For real. Motivation for me to work at my own health goals!! Congrats on all your success.

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