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Breaking: Freedom Cheteni Abruptly Missing from d.tech

By Asa Bensaid, Sebastian Golden, Emily Hom, Ella Rook, and Matthew Silverman | June 6, 2018


Freedom Cheteni, d.tech’s Algebra II teacher

Math teacher Freedom Cheteni was not present at school today for unknown reasons, and his classes were taught by substitute teachers. None of his students seemed to know the reason behind his absence. Junior Hezekiah Smithstein said that “I just really have no idea what’s going on.” Additionally, emails sent to Cheteni receive an automatic response stating “Your message wasn’t delivered to fcheteni@dtechhs.org because the address couldn’t be found.”

This morning, June 6th, at 8:16am, Cheteni sent an email to students in his math classes informing them that his Design Lab class, called Moonshots, “will be at Stanford” and that he “will be moving all our VR sets to our new Ai [sic] Robotics center in Portola Valley.” Cheteni later clarified that the robotics center is a robotics lab at Woodside Priory High School. d.tech Intersession Coordinator Wendy Little confirmed that his d.lab was “redistributed,” meaning students were placed in other d.lab classes.

Freshman Catherine Tang, who is in Cheteni’s @d.tech, says she believes that Cheteni was looking for other jobs and “considering accepting a new job” as a “Creative Director” and may then only teach d.lab classes. According to Tang, Director of Development and Special Education, Sarah Krummel and counselor Emily Magnuson have recently been leading the @d.tech, calling it “a transition.”

In the early hours of June 6th, Cheteni sent a different message to his class stating he is “officially on vacation.” Four members of d.tech’s administration were unable to confirm or deny any details regarding Cheteni’s absence.

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