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d.tech’s New Scholarship

Jacob Fisher | jfisher19@dtechhs.org | June 8, 2018

Colleges are getting more expensive every year, making it harder on families. In 1987 attending a private four-year college would cost $22,490, and a public four-year college would cost $9030. Today it would cost $46,950 and $20,770, respectively, according to College Board. To combat these rising costs, numerous schools and organizations offer scholarships to high school students. d.tech is now one of these schools, offering a scholarship of somewhere between $500 to $1000.

The scholarship was founded by d.tech junior Tatiana Fakoukaki; College Counselor, Kathleen Odell; and Executive Director, Ken Montgomery. Fakoukaki, who is Odell’s TA this year, says she wanted to help create a scholarship because “I have financial need, and I’m going to need scholarships, and if I’m going to do this for myself, it’s good to do this for everyone else as well.” Odell says that it’s not uncommon for schools to have school based scholarships that are open to only their students.

In order to apply for the scholarship, Odell says that the student must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and must be planning on attending a four-year university upon graduation. In order to apply for the scholarship, a student must find Odell, tell her that they are interested, and provide her with the financial aid package supplied to them by their college. Once she’s verified that information, she will give them a number, and ask them to write an essay no longer than one page on the the topic of how have they made the world a better place, and how will they apply the skills that they learned at d.tech to their life at college. Applications are currently open for graduating seniors but will close next Monday.

D.tech has found a marvelous way to exploit its visitors. Odell and Montgomery worked together to “source the scholarships with the people that come to visit our school, to [ask them to] make a donation to this school in support of our scholarship fund.” This means that the scholarship money does not affect the school’s overall budget and expenditures.

Fakoukaki says that, initially, d.tech will offer the scholarship to five people, “but we could extend it based on the amount of money we have. It depends on how many people donate money to the school.” She noted the money would be evenly distributed among scholarship recipients. Nicole Cerra, Director of Curriculum, says that “I know that not that many people have applied yet, so I think they are hoping to get more applications.” Because this scholarship is so new, no one knows it exists. It’s not too late to apply and earn anywhere between $500 to $1000 towards your college tuition.

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