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The Scoop on Ms. Anderson’s Fashion

Tyler Campos | tcampos19@dtechhs.org | June 8, 2018
Photo by Ms. Anderson

Lessley Anderson is an English teacher for the junior and senior class, and something that everybody notices right when they see her, are her amazing outfits. Every day, Anderson wears something that beats her last outfit. Anderson describes her style and what she looks for in stores as more of “vintage” look.

Anderson loves to shop at thrift stores, and says that it’s in her top three things to do besides jamming and road trips. To Anderson, the thrift store is not just a place to buy your cheap old used clothing, it’s a place to be creative and become the coolest hippie type person who doesn’t care what she wears. Anderson loves to wear costumes and very funky outfits that nobody would dare to wear. Something that she wore that really stuck out was when she came in wearing a beret and fur vest and a dress all in one outfit.

Anderson has been thrifting ever since high school, thanks to her fashion and thrift icon Christine Boepple, who she met sophomore year in the library. Boepple now lives in LA and is also still very big on thrifting. Boepple says she thrifts around two times a week.

Boepple says that Anderson is very good at making outfit combos, “takes a lot of risks”, and is a very good Ebay shopper. Boepple says that sometimes in the middle of the night, Anderson will send her links to Ebay auctions of random clothing.

Ms. Anderson, right, in high school, with her fashion mentor, Boepple, center.

Not everyone likes Anderson’s fashion. One of the people who doesn’t like her funk, is her mother, Melinda Anderson, who, Anderson says, is “very well put-together.” Melinda Anderson describes Anderson’s fashion as “eclectic.”

“I’ve seen a few sundresses [she’s] worn I thought were pretty awful,” says Melinda Anderson. “I don’t like those jeans that have the different pieces of fabric on them — The ‘raggedy Anne’ jeans.”

However, Melinda Anderson says she hasn’t given up on Anderson, and never will.

Anderson’s fashion is very bold. She doesn’t care what people think, and what people wear, she just wants to not care and look funky. Although not everyone agrees with her fashion, she still loves dressing up in funky outfits and not caring.

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