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Graduating Early: A Q&A with Kirill Naumov

Victoria Nguyen | vnguyen19@dtechhs.org | June 8, 2018

Kirill Naumov, a junior at d.tech, is taking the quick route to graduate early. He transferred into d.tech the middle of freshman year, with the intent to graduate with the class of 2019. However, in August, Kirill decided that it would be best for him to accelerate through his classes and graduate early. The Dragon sat down to get the scoop on this unorthodox decision.

Q: Why did you decide to graduate early?

It wasn’t expected. One day in August, I took a walk with my mom in the woods. I was just casually thinking about the upcoming year. I was thinking what classes I’d be taking, which is about two or three: Basically, just English, math, and government. I thought to myself that I just don’t want to spend a year of my life [taking just those three classes], so I decided to finish all my work in junior year. By November, I found out about College of San Mateo (CSM) classes. I applied to the English class (which focuses on composing and writing), and politics [which satisfies my government requirement]. I started taking them in January, and I will be done in about two weeks.

Q: What are your plans after d.tech (what you want to do, where you’re going to college)?

I didn’t really think about college. My options were: apply to college or take a gap year. That was my thought at the time. In December, my family friend recommended a college program that he is attending. The college is called 42, located in Fremont. As I found out more, it really interested me. My friend [gave me a] tour and [I was] pretty much fascinated. There were two buildings, the dorm and the actual college building. [The college included] a big room, just like the hangar back at Rollins. My friend explained to me how the program worked. Each student has their own account. When you are in it, you have a tree map of your skills. It’s similar to a video game. You have a map of projects you have to do in order, and after that, you can develop your skills into different branches: Systematic branch, algorithmic branch, or graphic branch. The systematic branch is about basic programming. Algorithmic branch is about computer programs, such as Windows. The graphic branch is related to game design, and 3D modeling. I chose the systematic branch. It was explained that students peer edit each other’s work. It’s really hard to apply there. If someone gets accepted, it means that they must really love programming and take it seriously. There won’t be any cheating, and people won’t feel the need to cheat if you love what you do. It’s actually very similar to d.tech, in the sense that they give students freedom. You have to look for the answer in two ways: Googling, or asking your team members…There is no need for staff.

Q: Are you graduating with the seniors, or coming back to graduate with your class?

I’m graduating with the seniors, but I will try to come back to attend the juniors’ graduation.

Q: What is your advice for someone who plans to graduate early?

My advice would be to make up your mind, quickly. I just decided in August to take the risk and graduate early. I would also say to follow through with your plan and give it your all.

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