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Perfect Lunch Spot?

Lauren Pineda | lpineda19@dtechhs.org | June 18, 2018
Photo by Lauren Pineda

It’s time for lunch. You’re hungry, you can’t wait to eat, and you want to enjoy the next thirty minutes. Where do you sit? Outside? Inside? Under the stairs? To learn about what makes a lunch spot at d.tech perfect, The Dragon interviewed students from each grade.

As the students of d.tech probably know, a popular lunch spot is the outside patio. Junior Andrew Osgood says, “I sit outside with friends because there’s nowhere else to sit, and because the weather’s been really nice.” The only problem with sitting outside is the occasional rainy day. Apparently, on rainy days, Osgood and his friends sit inside in the 1E area, but he says it’s hard to find a spot inside, which is probably something most people noticed on the first day in the new building. “At the old campus it was easier to find a spot because we had a set spot everyday, and people didn’t take it because they had their spots too. Now, people don’t know where to go, so they take our spots sometimes.” This “hunt” for the perfect spot is a common struggle at d.tech because everyone wants to enjoy lunch time. Junior Uthman Alaoui Ismaili says a perfect lunch spot for him would be spacious and quiet, so he usually sits at one of the tall tables in front of room 130. This is perfect for him because he can meet his friends when they sit nearby.

When asked if Ismaili prefers a lunch with friends to solo dining, he said, “50/50”, unlike sophomore Alyssa Wend, who prefers to sit with friends. Wend and her friends usually sit in a quiet corner by the teacher’s lounge because it is a more secluded area, making lunch a less chaotic experience: something we all need. Of course, this also makes the spot more desirable, which is a problem. According to Wend, people take their spot all the time. Compared to lunch in their spot at Rollins, lunch in their spot in the new building is loud. She said, “At Rollins we had our own spot, and it was quiet. Here, it’s super loud.” The ideal spot for Wend would be upstairs on the terrace, outside on a nice day, or inside in a corner, away from people, but with her friends.

The ideal spot for Freshman Sophie Sakamoto would be upstairs because there are better views, and she would be closer to her next class. “Balcony seating would be amazing, but upstairs in general would be nice.” She usually sits with her friends on the orange bean bags near area 1A, unless the spot is taken. Recently, people have been occupying their comfy bean bag spot. “It’s frustrating because you have to find another spot. We even joke about sprinting to our spot before it is taken.” If it is taken, Sakamoto and her friends find a place outside. Like Sakamoto, senior Roshni Jariwala is protective of her spot. Jariwala sits with her friends under the stairs in the atrium. She says that it’s the perfect spot because there’s enough room for everyone. “It’s our little cozy corner, and we always know where to find our friends during lunch,” she said. Interestingly, Jariwala said their current corner under the stairs reminds her of their old spot in the corner by the Fishbowl at the Rollins Road Campus.

Everybody has different lunch time plans and routines. Maybe you sprint to your spot as soon as lunch starts, or maybe you can’t wait to get outside and meet your friends. Whatever your lunch plans are just make sure you have a gameplan.

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