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Messages From the Editors In Chief

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Editor In Chief (Paper): Emily Hom

Most seniors were the bones and blood of d.tech from its beginning. But I joined this community one year later. When I arrived, it felt as though I was still a part of this growing community, I didn’t have much I could contribute to it. The Dragon has been the one thing that I know I have shaped and nurtured for d.tech’s community. This paper is my contribution to the culture and voice of our school.

The connections and experiences that I have gained from my work on The Dragon are some of my most valuable. And though it’s incredibly cheesy, I wouldn’t trade any of the hours I have spent writing and editing this paper for anything else. Even late nights, when we stay until 9pm wordsmithing and frantically retaking photos — pizza looks disgusting in black and white — are when some of my favorite memories are made.

Thank you to the students and faculty who are our readers, because whether there’s one or 100 of you, you have given our messages value. No matter how much fun I’ve had publishing our paper, we are ultimately writing for all of you. Thank you to The Dragon staff and Ms. Anderson, without whom I would be writing a literary analysis essay instead of this message. The unique team and friendships that formed during the creation of the paper will be forever irreplaceable to me.

To the next team of writers and editors, I encourage you to use the paper as a vehicle to  represent students’ voices and challenge norms. Whether it was putting student’s concerns about d.tech grading into writing or bringing light to issues within school clubs, I know that these are the roads that I have most enjoyed traveling. Good luck juniors, and get ready for late night!

Editor In Chief (Web): Bradley Kishiyama

Whether it’s recruiting for the swim team or being on a constant pursuit of the d.tech wifi password, everyone at d.tech has a million projects, and managing The Dragon’s website everyday has been my personal favorite.

It has truly been a pleasure providing a variety of daily content to the community, like breaking news of the details of the multiple lockdowns, serious takes on the d.tech’s grading curve, and the event coverage of Elephant Appreciation Day. I’m so fortunate that the team members I work with are great at their jobs. While everything wasn’t perfect, and there were hardships due to everyone’s strong personalities, things like giving me a near perfect article to edit or responding within seconds way too late at night to give me a suitable picture for a story are just a few things that made me love working with this team.

I’d like to thank the readers of The Dragon. Without the daily, monthly, or even one time viewers, this experience wouldn’t have been as special as it was. April Fool’s Day was one of my favorite days to manage The Dragon, as we nearly tripled the previous highest daily view count proving that all of the hard work and planning that our team poured into the day was worth it. We love  your comments and hope to spark discussions about what’s happening around us and in the community. So no matter if you’ve only read The Dragon once, twice, or on a daily basis, thank you so much for contributing to the success of our website and we all sincerely hope that we bring interesting content that will keep you reading in the future.

So to all the juniors doing journalism next year, good luck and consider my top three tips to build a strong program: Create strong relationships with your fellow editors, think about The Dragon everyday, and don’t be afraid to be controversial.



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