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Volleyball Team Falls in First Conference Game After 2-0 Set Lead

Hezekiah Smithstein | hsmithstein19@dtechhs.org | September 13, 2018

The Dragons girls volleyball team was stunned this past Tuesday in their first conference game as they dropped a 2 set lead, losing the game to the Mountain View Academy Mustangs.

Coached by Michael Lapuz, the d.tech’s varsity volleyball team initially looked strong out of the gate, gaining momentum with a 7-2 point run to win the first set 25-23. They quickly followed it up with a 13-5 point comeback in the second, turning a 2-7 deficit into a 25-16 victory. Their comeback was punctuated with senior Anya Karanov slamming a downball into the right corner of the opposing end of the court, followed by a big solo block by freshman Lauren Wu.

“We were really motivated, and aggressive, and really confident in our playing. A lot of us were doing things that we normally struggle with,” Karanov says.



Despite a quick start by the Dragons, Mountain View Academy flipped the script after a short break and began gaining momentum with a decisive 25-16 victory of their own in the third set, as d.tech began to relax. “We believed in ourselves for the first two sets, and then we let our guard down for the third set… and so we lost that set and we weren’t able to bring the momentum back,” says senior Yohanna Konardi. As Mountain View Academy Mustangs won they began to gain more confidence, and their stomping on the floor and chanting of M-U-S-T-A-N-G-S could be heard ringing throughout the gymnasium.

It was the fourth set that was a true heartbreaker for the Dragons team. To start the set, d.tech had a series of receiving errors, finding themselves quickly down 4-13. However, the team was able to mount yet another amazing comeback, tying it up at 23-23. Amidst this attack were well placed serves from Konardi, solid spikes from Anya Karanov and Ashley Chen set up by Rikako Ono, and another big block from Lauren Wu. As d.tech stormed back, their side of the bench became louder and louder, each point whipping the crowd into a cheering, yelling, floor pounding frenzy.

But a botched serve and a nail-biting back and forth later, it was the Mustangs who won the set 25-23.



This momentum shift was a key point in the game, as a d.tech push was stopped and the game was evened up at 2 sets apiece. The final set, to 15, was carried on to be won 10-15 by the Mustangs despite an early d.tech push. After a hard fought battle lasting two and a half hours, the d.tech volleyball team had to walk away with a defeat. “It was a lot of anxiety, because it’s really mentally exhausting,” Karanov adds. “You know they have a chance to win, and it’s really not that hard- we only had to win one more set, and we would have won.”

Despite a difficult beginning to the season, the d.tech volleyball team is moving their focus forwards towards their next game against d.tech’s rival school, Nueva. The game is tomorrow, Friday September 14th, at 7:00pm at Peninsula High School in San Bruno. Come out and support the team!

Visit the d.tech volleyball team MaxPreps page to see their upcoming schedule, team roster, stats, and more.


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