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d.tech’s Gnarly New Halfpipe

Jasmin Texidor | jtexidor19@dtechhs.org | September 17, 2018

Caught up in the monotonous drag of spending sedentary lunches sitting around with friends, hoping that some sort of skater-related structure could possibly revive the forgotten bliss of life? Juniors Jack Fields, Aiden Coady, and Adam Cepulkauskas are in the process of enriching the d.tech skating community with a brand new student-crafted half-pipe aided by the DRG and Henry Lonnemann.

As this new year begins, student projects are beginning to kick off, and this group of passionate skaters are seizing their opportunity. While Lonnemann said the boys started a conversation with him about the matter a week or so ago, it has been a goal of theirs for a while now. “I talked to Mr. Lonnemann asking if we could build some ramps so people wouldn’t have to ruin the property [while skating/riding], and we just implemented the idea because we wanted to do that last year in the hangar but never got to it,” Cepulkauskas commented.

Art by Jasmin Texidor

In terms of when and where the half-pipe is going to be seen around d.tech, the boys are hoping that Intersession will give their designs time to transform into reality. For now, the plan for its placement is just outside the cafeteria against the low cement wall, and anyone in Ms. Pineda’s room might be able to see it from class. While designing the physical structure itself has taken up some time, other components to putting together the half-pipe include getting the necessary liability forms and waivers signed off by staff. “We have to get some waivers approved by teachers. Mr. Lonnemann said we have to make it, and I already got one started. We just need to have it in case someone falls or gets injured,” Fields said. According to Lonnemann, Director of Business Operations and Facilities Hanan Holloway and School Director Melissa Mizel are going to review the legitimacy of the waivers and move on from there.

Student passion projects are a big focus of what Lonnemann hopes to achieve this year. “I am trying to get…every single student involved in something,” he said. “If they’re into skating and BMXing then lets build them a half-pipe.” Because Fields, Cepulkauskas and Coady have taken this step, Lonnemann says he believes their future is really beginning to open up. “They’re amazing human beings, and they have a lot of potential and I think it’s starting to come out.” Lonneman suggested the boys  teach an intersession course about skating.

Rumor even has it Lonnemann himself may be interested in channeling his inner skater boy.  “I don’t wanna get hurt, but maybe I’ll start skating, or maybe I’ll start with surfing,” he said.

Just remember to take inspiration from those within the d.tech community, because when there’s a will, there’s a way… or at least there’s a Lonnemann.  

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