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d.tech Kicks Off LatinX Heritage Month

Jasmin Texidor | jtexidor19@dtechhs.org | September 18, 2018

As August drew to a close and opened its windows to let in the awaiting September breeze, Spanish teacher Lilia Pineda rolled up her sleeves and got to work planning Hispanic Heritage Month. With the help of staff and students, the coming days of September all the way through October 15th will be dedicated to the celebration of Latino culture as well as its contribution to the United States.

The purpose of Hispanic Heritage Month is to spread an understanding of Latino culture and instill a sense of pride in those of Hispanic heritage. To celebrate and acknowledge cultural differences, several events have been prepared for the upcoming month. Pineda said there will be “two movie events,” and “during lunch on Wednesdays we’re going to have arts and crafts days, like papel picado, and we’ll be making piñatas.” There will be reserved spaces for the movies, so keep an eye out for where each movie will be shown, as well as where the arts and crafts will be.

Other events to look out for are Fiesta Fridays, where “students will be teaching different dances in the hangar with music.” Pineda said she’s also hoping that people at community meetings will be able to get up and talk about “what Latinx means to them.” Some of the students involved in planning the events have been juniors Luis Obregon, Inti Carranza, Jackie Saravia and seniors Alexxus Faalogoifo, Nina Kaufusi, Elliot Boz, and Brandon Rodriguez.

One of the main reasons students became involved in the preparation of Hispanic Heritage Month was to combat stereotypes and provide clarity around what it means to be Latino. Senior Kaufusi explained that people may assume that ”It’s Hispanic month, so they’re going to bring burritos, tacos and sombreros…basically everyone has this [image] of Latinos, they’re all Mexican, or from Mexico, and I think having this Hispanic month can help them understand that everyone is not from this one place.”

Both Kaufusi and Faalogoifo hosted the multicultural festival last year, as it’s their hope to help students from different backgrounds embrace who they are and where they come from through celebration. Faalogoifo and Boz are also leaders of the Diversity Club, another effort at promoting culture at school.

Hispanic Heritage Month could be a path paving the way for many other cultural events to take place as the year moves forward, and as more students feel comfortable expressing where they’re from, d.tech could be a flourishing, diverse community.


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