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Listen While You Work (It)

Marcus Figueroa | mfigueroa19@dtechhs.org | September 20, 2018
Illustration by Maria McAlister-Young

You take your computer out, place it on your desk, reach into your backpack, and take out your phone. You open your music streaming app, put your earbuds in your ears and begin listening to your favorite, upbeat song. The sound of the music pulses through your veins and with it, a vigor to complete your once dull work.

Many students may listen to music while they work at school, and many may not listen at all, as they find it distracting. At d.tech, we are given the privilege to listen to music in most of our classes, and I personally enjoy listening to music when I am doing any type of school work. Although there are negative effects of it, listening to music while you do work has been shown to have certain benefits.

A study done in the Netherlands, at Radboud University by Simone Ritter and Sam Fergusson, compared the type of thinking done while listening to different types of music to those who worked in silence. The result of their study showed that the people who listened to happier music, were able to generate more creative ideas. They also found that there was no effect from listening to music while problem solving. Another study demonstrated that if you are simply playing music that you like, is pleasant (played in a major scale), and is not too fast or jarring, then you can increase productivity in your work.

The overall message? Find some music that you enjoy and listen to it to get your creative juices flowing or to simply make a task more pleasant for you.

For some people the lyrics in certain songs get distracting, and you begin to focus only on the lyrics of the song and not the task that you are trying to complete. In these cases, background music, or music that has no lyrics or is only playing the beat to a song, would be the best solution. One example of a type of background music is an instrumental version of a song.

So, whenever you need to be creative and generate ideas, play some jubilant music and watch the ideas come flying into your brain.

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