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Keeping Up With LatinX Heritage Month

Yohanna Konardi | ykonardi19@dtechhs.org | September 24, 2018

Last Monday, students came to school dressed in Latin America themed sports jerseys, cultural tops, and Southern and South America country flag colors to kick off Latinx heritage month (LHM). LHM is celebrated nationally from September 15th to October 15th, and pays tribute to Latinx community contributions in the United States.

Organized by the Student Diversity Council, the school has already begun to celebrate. Last Wednesday at the community meeting, students and faculty shared their stories of Latin origin on a panel. Some, like Sophomore Camilia Perla Huezo, shared why they are proud of their culture and origin, and others, like Junior Luis Obregon, shared their stories of struggling with stereotypes, and finding their places in the Latinx community.

Students share out about their LatinX experiences during last week’s community meeting. Photo by Vlad Morozov

Lilia Pineda, d.tech Spanish teacher and one of the coordinators of LHM, made sure that the student body knew the difference between Hispanic and Latinx, with the latter having evolved from Latino/a to be more inclusive of genders. The meeting ended with Latin dancing and an invitation to make Papel Picado, a type of Mexican folk art, in the DRG at lunch time.

Though the community meeting shared plenty of Latinx culture with the school, the diversity council is just getting started. For every week in the month of September, it will hold Fiesta Fridays, where students will get a chance to learn cultural dances such as salsa, merengue, and bachata. The council also plans for activities in the DRG during lunch. On Mondays and Tuesdays, it will show  Latin movies, such as “Bajo La Misma Luna” and “Selena”. During Wednesday lunch, it will hold classes in traditional Latin art, teaching students how to make piñatas, masks, and Papel Picado.

Latinx Heritage Month will close on October 15th, with a schoolwide Latin Food Potluck. Anyone who wants to contribute is welcome to bring something. Contact Lilia Pineda if you are interested.

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