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Foosball Table Abuse

Marcus Figeroa | mfigueroa19@dtechhs.org | October 2, 2018

The foosball table, located in the atrium, is cherished by many, but recently it has been broken.

Sophomore David Jelniker said “People were being way too rough with the table.” For Jelniker, foosball is fun, and he believes that “the table should be better taken care of than the last one”. Sophomore Ryan Ting said “People [were] over-spinning the poles of the table and being careless in general”.

Although the table is popular, not everyone has been confident that it is here to stay. Hanan Holloway, Director of Business Operations & Facilities, says she realized “as soon as I saw the table get setup, I knew it was cheap and it would get broken very easily.”

Now, the foosball table has been fixed and is back in the atrium. You can once again get the chance to use it, as well as the ping pong table and spike ball, during physical activity break or lunchtime. But the question remains: Will students take better care of the table this time around? Is this the last we will hear of the foosball table breaking?

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