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LatinX Piñata Making Event: A Swing and a Miss

Maya Pratt-Bauman | mpratt-bauman19@dtechhs.org | October 1, 2018

Piñatas involve tradition, creativity, and fun, so who wouldn’t love to make one? On September 26th, during lunch in the second floor DRG, d.tech students were offered the opportunity to learn how make piñatas with Spanish three teacher Lilia Pineda. Unfortunately no one came to participate in this LatinX Heritage Month event.

“I’ve been struggling with the events for LatinX Heritage Month, like students aren’t coming,” said Pineda, when it was clear no students were going to attend. She mentioned that there has been a noticeable lack of participation in the current LatinX Heritage Month activities.

The lack of participation is most likely connected to the fact that the event was during lunch, when students want to spend time with their friends. “It was today?” said senior Destin Silver when asked why he didn’t attend the event. “I did not know about the event,” mentioned senior Sydney Lo. Turns out that most students just didn’t know piñata making was happening, even though the event was advertised on calendars posted throughout the school.

In addition to lack of publicity, the absence of lab days has made planning and getting participation difficult. “I had done [piñata making] in the past during lab days and students were very responsive to it,” Pineda said “I thought it would be a good connection.” Lab days offer designated time, not during lunch, for students to dive deep into activities like this one.

Students who failed to show up for the activity missed out on a fascinating history lesson. Piñatas full of candy that we all know and love didn’t start out that way. According to Pineda, piñata making started in Mexicó as a way to spread Christianity. Originally, piñatas were made to represent the seven sins, with people smashing them as a way to cleanse themselves of wrongdoing.

Celebrating an ancient tradition. Photo by Maya Pratt-Bauman

The Aztecs had a similar tradition of smashing a bowl full of things. “It kind of evolved to now a thing that you do at all types [of gatherings],” said Pineda, noting how piñatas are currently used on occasions such as birthday parties.

In the future the LatinX team would like to have events on lab days so more people are available and willing to participate. Right now, though, they have some fun events coming up, like fiesta fridays and interesting movies to watch such as “Selena”. Be sure to look for the paper calendars posted on the walls throughout the school for more events.  

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