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d.tention and Saturday School Begin

Joshua Bennett | jbennett19@dtechhs.org | October 7, 2018

Everybody knows that ditching class is very tempting. However, as of this week, there are consequences. Specifically, you could end up staying late on Wednesday or going to school on Saturday.

If you’re wondering about this odd timing, you can ask Student Culture Coordinator Henry Lonnemann, who said that the school didn’t institute detention the first couple of weeks because of schedule problems and figuring out the shuttle schedules. “Ideally, we would’ve had it last week, but better late than never,” said Lonnemann.

A student needs six unexcused absences to get Wednesday detention and 10 to get Saturday school. Those are in class periods, not full days. Lonnemann explained: “Six [absences] is a full day, and 10 is a day and a half. I don’t want to say [these numbers] are arbitrary, but there’s not a lot of reasoning.”

Senior Cole Gannon has had his fair share of absences and Saturday schools. In fact, he’s had so many that he has lost count of his absences and has gotten Saturday school three times. He said that Saturday school “is a good idea.” He elaborated that he finds it “a nuisance, but it’s actually useful and I can get some work done.”

Outside of Gannon, a majority of students would rather avoid this unfortunate fate. Show up to school, and you can avoid making your week a whole lot longer.

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