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Students on the Kavanaugh Case

Maya Pratt-Bauman | mprattbauman19@dtechhs.org | October 8, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh. You may have heard this name on the radio, seen it in many a news article, or even heard it mentioned by a fellow d.tech student.

As President Trump’s recently elected Supreme Court Justice, Kavanaugh was sworn in despite being the subject of polarized debate. He has been widely discussed all over the country, including at d.tech, in the wake of multiple sexual assault allegations.

In a confidential letter to congress, Christine Blasey Ford, a Bay Area-based professor, accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party when he was 17 and she was 15. The accusations were later leaked to the press and then made the subject of a televised hearing in late September. At the hearing, Blasey ford was tearful, and Kavanaugh was angry.

Sophomore Michael McCulloch, who watched the hearing, said: “Kavanaugh is denying it and Ford is saying that this happened to her and it’s traumatizing her.” During the hearing Kavanaugh denied all of Ford’s allegations. “I feel like, when I was watching [the hearing],” continued McCulloch, “Kavanaugh kind of seemed like he was pouting for the entire thing.”

When it comes to this testimony, there is some difference in opinion. Some people believe that Ford’s testimony had political motive and not enough backup to take him down. The fact that Ford came forward after Kavanagh was nominated is seen as somewhat suspicious. Sophomore Edward Shturman adds: “There is absolutely no reason to pretend that she is not an opponent of [Kavanaugh’s] politically.”

Others believe her statement should have put Kavanaugh out of the running for Supreme Court Justice. Sophomore Michael Kesselman says he believes that Ford’s testimony is credible, and that even though uncorroborated, it casts doubt on whether Kavanaugh is ethical enough to serve a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

Junior Claire Little agrees, saying “I think it is just kinda embarrassing that we are electing a Supreme Court justice who has like three sexual allegations [against] him.” Sophomore Jeremy Baum adds “His temperament during his last testimony was, I think, unfit for a Supreme Court judge.”

Despite misgivings, seniors such as Kirby Kromelow believed that Kavanaugh inevitably would be voted in, and he was right. “I think that, as unfortunate as it is, all the allegations don’t matter,” says Komelow. “As long as the Republicans vote him in, he’s in.” Others were happy about it. “I think that was the right pick out of the last three for president Trump,” says Shturman “I think he made the right choice.”

Brett Kavanagh was sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice on Saturday October 6th, 2018. Senators voted 51 to 49, all republican senators and one democrat voted yes, whereas the other senators voted no. There continues to be many differing opinions on Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and the effect that this decision has caused on the country’s unity.

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