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Mixtape Trap Box Allows Students to Choose Music After Breaks

Joshua Bennett | jbennett19@dtechhs.org | October 8, 2018

You’re having fun with your friends at lunch, then suddenly the music interrupts you, and you trudge off to class, annoyed at the song that’s playing. Then, an idea pops into your mind: what if you could choose what music signals the temporary return to school?

Now, thanks to an initiative by Student Culture Coordinator Henry Lonnemann, you can! The oddly titled “Mixtape Trap” box next to Receptionist Abigail Rosete’s desk will allow students to submit songs to be played at the beginning of the day, after break, after lunch, or at the end of the day. There is also a Google Form.

Since the implementation of the “Mixtape Trap”, there have been a combined total of about 70 requests so far, between the box and the form. Lonnemann also said that “Most of the songs we’ve played so far were from the box.” When asked about the odd name, Lonnemann said “Mr. Pierce should get credit for that. We were in the staff lounge, and I was asking for a nifty name, and he said ‘the mixtape trap’.” When asked about how he came up with this name, English Teacher Nathan Pierce said that “The name uses cacophony. Other than that, no reason” (A cacophony is a “harsh, discordant mixture of sounds”).

Senior Malia Savella, who submitted “Fingerprints” by Hiatus Kaiyote, said that she thought the initiative “seems like a basic conclusion.” She also submitted a song because she “like[s] the song”.

If you ever want to hear your jam bumping through the speakers as you jaunt to your next class, make sure you stop by the mixtape trap box or take some time to fill out the form!

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