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Secret Room Discovered Behind Paper Towel Dispenser

Cyrus Kanga | ckanga19@dtechhs.org | October 13, 2018 

A little while ago, students and staff discovered a hole in the downstairs west wing boy’s bathroom. The hole is hidden behind the paper towel dispenser and opens up to a large, dark, and empty room. The room has since been sealed off and is inaccessible.

Senior Tyler McMahon sips tea from inside the secret room. Photo by Matthew Silverman

Senior Tyler McMahon was one of the first students to enter the secret room. He described it as “a dimly lit room with no lights and some scaffolding… It was very barren and empty for its size.” Other students such as senior Matthew Silverman went with him, but got stuck and pulled out of the tiny hole.



None of the students who broke into the room suffered any repercussions for their adventures, but their discovery prompted d.tech staff to begin determining future plans for the room. Executive Director Ken Montgomery told us that “We [Staff] were thinking of using the room for storage for some of the stuff lying out in the hallways.” He described knocking out the hole and turning it into an accessible doorway. The storage would be used for all of the clutter laying out in the California corridor.


Head of Student Culture Henry Lonneman is shocked by the discovery of the large empty area adjacent to the first floor bathroom.

Montgomery also alluded to even more secret d.tech rooms saying, “I worked very closely with the architects of this building and so there are definitely other weird architectural structures [on the Oracle campus]. Maybe one of you will find it.” Keep your eyes peeled for any of these oddities throughout the building!

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