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A Guide to Lab Days

Julia Reid | jreid19@dtechhs.org | October 17, 2018

The first lab day of the 2018-19 school year is upon us this Thursday, October 18th. While “veteran” students aren’t really phased by this, those new to d.tech may be left wondering what these days are all about.

In addition to class office hours and FIT times, lab days also offer other opportunities such as teachers hosting special classes, students running club meetings, and a multitude of different exploration classes. Students also have the opportunity to use the DRG to work on their own projects.

Some, such as freshman Holden Rogers, are not yet aware of these opportunities, expressing that they are either anxious or excited for this coming Thursday, and when asked about any clubs or games, Rogers didn’t appear to be aware of any lab-day-exclusives. “I don’t really have an expectation,” Rogers stated. “I guess I’m in the DnD club and they meet on Lab Days”.

Unlike freshmen, the upperclassmen are well aware of what to expect; however, most do not take full advantages of the lab day offerings. Many, like sophomore Mathew Sydoruk, don’t participate in any of the clubs or exploration classes offered on thursdays. “I usually just get homework done,” Sydoruk said affirmatively.  

Others, like senior Destin Silver, leader of the Time Travel Dance Club, are very enthusiastic about the more creative clubs and classes available during labs. When asked if many people show up to his club, Silver said, “It really depends. Since its creation it hasn’t been a club that you sign up for, you kind of just show up. Overall I don’t think it has gotten that many people.” Though he later added that he would appreciate if more people show up in order to make the club a livelier scene.

Of course, there are more than just clubs offered. Many teachers such as Spanish teacher Carolina Moroder offer special classes and also allow their students to teach. Moroder was very passionate about this, saying “This Thursday I will have a class on reflexive verbs that everyone is having trouble with. So [on Lab Days] I can offer a class and anyone who wants to come can come. I also had a students teach origami. We need to give students the possibility of doing things that are fun, like extensions, movies, or something like Ms. Pineda’s pinata making class”.

Lab Days offer a multitude of fantastic opportunities that any and all students are allowed to take advantage of. Though many students choose to use this time for work, there are others who take full advantage of the time and attend or lead clubs and extension classes. Make sure to check out your options during @d.tech Thursday morning!

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