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Falliday Dance Canceled as Smoke Becomes Suffocating

Andrew Nourie | anourie19@dtechhs.org | November 9, 2018

The Falliday dance that was going to take place today from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. has been canceled due to poor air conditions. If you have already purchased a ticket you can get it refunded. Refunds will be issued after school today and during lunch on Tuesday in the atrium. The dance may be rescheduled for a later date, but as of right now there are no promises that there will be a fall dance.

President of leadership Vani Suresh found it upsetting. They rather would not have canceled the dance, but the air quality got to the point that it had to be canceled. “Melissa pulled me aside [during lunch] and let me know that we might have to cancel the dance due to air quality concerns,” Suresh explained.

Suresh also stated that there is a likely possibility that the dance will be rescheduled and that leadership is already talking about dates, but also stated that “[leadership] may or may not do this too close to winter formal.”

Head of IT Paul Cerra, who planned to be one of the chaperones, was disappointed that the dance was canceled. He stated, “I felt that it was a little unfair to ask students to come to school on conditions that it was a little smokey but last minute to cancel the dance.”

The air in the bay area has been filled with smoke due to fires raging in Butte County which is around 160 miles north of San Francisco. The fires started Thursday around 6:30 a.m, and as of right now they are still active. The fires have raged over 70,000 acres already, compared to 56,000 in the Napa and Sonoma fires. There have been casualties, and towns have been told to evacuate.

Make sure you stay indoors with the windows closed until the smoke clears!

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