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Counselor Molly Robertson: Going Global

Marcus Figueroa | mfigueroa19@dtechhs.org | November 15, 2018

As a graduate of California State University, Long Beach, outdoor lover, and counselor at d.tech, Molly Robertson brings a keen set of skills to help and support students at our school. Students may know what she does as a counselor at d.tech, but they may not know about her plan to be an international school counselor.

Robertson achieved her masters at Long Beach in counseling and spent a semester in Africa and Nicaragua, where she focussed on international development. Despite that this trip later influenced her to study counseling and pursue a career in the field, Robertson did find that, “It is really hard to help someone from another culture.” She decided to instead stay in the United States.

“I was interested in it [d.tech] because I thought it was really unique. I chose d.tech because what they are doing here is really different,” said Robertson. Previously, she said she  “was working at schools that were falling apart”. But Robertson saw this as a learning opportunity, where she could “bring what I learned at the old schools to bring here at a school that is in order”. She added that she was excited to be at a school that would be open to her ideas, as the teachers already provide a lot of accommodations for students. This was very different from her old school, where  “at old schools it seemed like a jail, where you would need a hall pass to step out of the classroom”.

When asked about her future, she replied “I want to be a school counselor internationally. I want to live abroad. I spent last summer in Mexico City and loved living there”.  Robertson takes joy in what she does and loves what she does, as she does not see herself being anything but a counselor.

“My role as a counselor is to support students and help them feel successful”. Her ultimate goal is for students to graduate, while allowing students to go back to class feeling confident in themselves. So, if you find yourself needing support either emotionally or socially, or just need someone to talk to, Robertson will be there to help you, along with d.tech’s other counselors.


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