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Is that a Library? It’s a Library!

Ethan Yu | Eyu19@dtechhs.org | February 4, 2019

d.tech has a new library, on the first floor opposite the staff room. Photo by Vlad Morozov

Did you know that the Rollins campus had a book room that allowed students to check out books? Well, if you didn’t get a chance to use it, don’t fear! There is a new library in our current campus, right outside the staff room. During the January 2019 Intersession, freshmen Yoshi Eernisse and Lauren Wu started the library in their Curiosity Project Jumpstart design lab class.

Going into the class, Eernisse and Wu knew they wanted to start a school library, but first went around the school asking members of the community what they thought of the idea. Eernisse explained that the purpose of the library was to “create a centralized space where people can go to get books to read and relax if they are bored in FIT”. The pair received positive feedback from both teachers and students.

However, they ran into an issue: they didn’t have a space to store the books. Luckily, during a casual stroll through the halls, they ran into Melissa Mizel, and that’s when everything changed. Eernisse said, “[Lauren and I] were just walking around doing some interviewing when we ran into Melissa. We asked her about the library and she said there was a shelf outside of Mr. Pierce’s room that was not being used that we could use.”

After taking ownership of the shelf, the freshman duo reached out to the community for book donations. They were able to receive a good collection of books from our neighbor across the slough, the Redwood Shores Library, and from student donations. Wu and Eernisse are hoping that they will receive more donations, as they plan to expand their collection by adding more shelves throughout the school.

If you want to check out a book, Eernisse and Wu have implemented a very simple system: take one, leave one. Eernisse states, “This system is kind of risky because it relies a lot on the honor system, but since d.tech emphasizes ‘trust’ so much, I hope that students won’t abuse the system.”

Despite receiving positive feedback before its inception, the library has seen mixed opinions from students. Sophomore Ian Kwuan says, “The variety of books is kind of limited to manga and books that are not at high school reading levels, so I probably won’t use the library.” Senior Joanne Luong, on the other hand, has actually donated some books. Luong explains, “I had some books sitting on my bookshelf that I hadn’t touched in a while so I decided to donate them to the school.” Luong continues, “I also thought they were a really good read, so I brought them in hopes that people can enjoy [them] too, and find the same joy that I had while reading them.”

So if you’re bored one day during FIT, head on over to the library and take a look at some Pokemon comic books, or learn about dinosaurs from a dinosaur encyclopedia.

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