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Wednesday After School Staff Meetings Are No More

Nicholas Boyko | nboyko20@dtechhs.org | February 10, 2019

Teachers gather in the morning during standing party time. These will be their main meeting time, as they will no longer meet after school on Wednesdays. Photo by Kelley Hill

It was announced on January 23rd that staff meetings on Wednesdays after school will be canceled moving forwards, in hopes that teachers will find time on their own to bond with their colleagues. The change was, ironically, announced in a staff meeting, where Executive Director Ken Montgomery presented a slideshow explaining the change. “We are looking for more effective ways to communicate,” Dr. Montgomery explained. “How can we communicate with one another and get where we’re going in a way that brings more joy to what we’re doing?”

Montgomery compared the staff meetings to a flock of birds. “[It’s] the idea of murmurating birds versus migrating birds,” he described, comparing the current system to a migrating flock of birds. Starlets, a species of bird, “murmurate” instead of migrating, meaning that they fly in a large mass rather than a traditional V shape. The metaphor emotes a feeling of individuality; instead of being “locked” into the straight lines and unchanging nature of migration, one can “fly freely” and meet and collaborate with new people.

Patrick Sullivan, sophomore English teacher, said that he thinks Montgomery believed the current system was “too old-school.” He believes the metaphor is to encourage the staff to eschew the “migration line” they were locked into before and “fly freely.” In lieu of the weekly meetings, the staff are encouraged to use the time they now have after school on Wednesdays to meet up with their co-workers.

David Groat, math teacher, is disappointed by the removal of the meetings. “It makes me sad,” He stated. “I like staff meetings. They’re a great collaboration time, get to know each other time.” He wishes there were more opportunities for staff to get to know each other. Despite his disappointment, though, he remains optimistic and is “sure that [the school is] going to do good stuff in [the staff meetings’] place.”

The change began immediately and is planned to be permanent. Although feelings remain mixed on the removal, it seems likely that constant change will always be a part of d.tech’s culture.  

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