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Student Rep Position Abolished, Replaced by Student Advisory Council

Jaya Reddy | jreddy19@dtechhs.org | February 15, 2019

There will no longer be a singluar student representative of Design Tech High School.

A single student cannot represent all of d.tech’s weirdness. So what is the role of Thomas Weese, our Student Representative? As it turns out, there isn’t a student representative anymore.

In early May of 2018, senior Thomas Weese was elected Student Representative by d.tech students and staff. Originally, Weese’s role was to attend weekly staff meetings and provide a student’s perspective on new policy changes at d.tech. Weese saw this as an opportunity to get “students more involved in making policies and influencing changes at d.tech,” he explained.

Over the course of the past few months, it has been collectively decided that the staff meetings weren’t the right place to prototype student ideas and initiatives. Henry Lonnemann, Dean of Student Culture, says “we felt that they weren’t as productive anymore” and these meetings were terminated, defeating the role of Student Representative altogether.

Students might wonder: What did Weese do before meetings were canceled? Who is our voice now?

Since his election, Weese organized a Student Advisory Council (SAC) that meets weekly during Lab days. As one person, he did not believe that he alone could represent the voice of the whole school. “I wouldn’t argue and I don’t think anybody would argue that I am a very accurate representation of the entire student body as a whole,” Weese explains, and d.tech would be much better represented through multiple students. This group consists of about 24 versatile, team-minded students, each of whom is from a different @dtech. During meetings, the Student Advisory Council reports student comments and concerns about policies, class scheduling, etc. represented from their respective @dtechs in hopes to implement their new ideas.

Although the title Student Representative was short-lived, the Student Advisory Council still stands and will continue meeting during lab days to discuss potential changes for d.tech. This group will be advised by Lonnemann, who will relay the information to the staff. Weese still strives to make d.tech the best it can be: He attends the weekly SAC meetings, just as any other member would, and continues to pitch new ideas to the staff.

Much like d.tech, the Student Advisory Council is learning to adapt to student needs as they change throughout the school year. Thanks to our first –and also last– student representative, all students at d.tech have a voice.

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