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One Person’s Trash, Another Club’s Treasure

Miriam Dijamco | mdijamco20@dtechhs.org | February 27, 2019

Student sweeps up some trash in the atrium. Photo by Ethan Yu

A few months ago, clubs received an email telling them about an opportunity to pick up trash after school to fundraise for their club. It sounded like a cool opportunity for easy money, right? The weird thing is, no one seems to have read the email Or if they did, few decided to take d.tech up on  its offer.

Executive Director Ken Montgomery and Student Coordinator Henry Lonneman first came up with the idea of giving clubs funds for picking up trash. “We don’t have an onsite janitorial service, like a lot of schools do,” Lonneman says, “If clubs sign up for a week or two, we give them a hundred and fifty bucks to make sure the campus is clean and reset.” This idea also formed with the hope that “increasing ownership and involvement” would improve how the school is being taken care of. When asked which clubs were involved in this option, he states, “[The K-pop club] is the only one that is thus far doing it.”

Freshman Zen Trent, the leader of the K-pop club, immediately responded to the fundraising offer email, expressing her interest. The club then simply signed up on a Google form (link here!). When asked what advice she’d give for clubs interested in the offer, she says, “Just go ahead and do it, it’s not that hard. It’s not that easy either, but it’s fun if you have a group.” The K-pop club currently fundraises by picking up trash after school around every other week. They plan to use the money towards going to a KCon event this year.

Sophomore Jared Chou, the leader of Monster-Hunter club, also remembers receiving  the email about this opportunity. He was interested in trying it out , but never got around to it. “Students aren’t taking care of the building that much, and clubs needs money, so I think it’s a good win win situation for both [students and the school].” When asked why his club hasn’t tried out this offer, he says, “‘Cause I’m lazy and haven’t filled out the form yet. It’s also hard to get all the schedules of all the members to line up, or at least a decent amount of them, so it’s harder to do.” If they eventually are able to organize to help with cleaning efforts,  they’d use the money to buy more computers for their club.

As clubs start planning trips and events for the second semester, perhaps more clubs will start to utilize this tool as a way to fundraise. If you are a club leader and are looking to improve your club experience, why not try this out and help the school become a cleaner place at the same time?

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