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Welcoming d.tech’s Baby Dragons into the World

Phoebe Rak | prak20@dtechhs.org | March 1, 2019

Illustration by Nicholas Gibson.

Spring is traditionally a time of new birth and all of us at d.tech feel its effects. But three d.tech teachers are looking forward to an actual new birth this spring: the birth of their first children! Teachers Emmy Joseph, Lilia Pineda, and Matt Cooley are expecting their own baby dragons later on this year.

In early September, Joseph found out she was expecting, and both Pineda and her shared their news with the d.tech staff when school resumed after Thanksgiving break. Cooley is due with his first child in March, and Joseph and Pineda are both due in May.

Joseph feels that she has been able to connect with many of her fellow staff members through this experience. “You realize how human your colleagues are when a large life event like this happens,” she says. Joseph feels that she has a lot of experience with kids by interactions with students, but as for her own child, she expects the experience to be a “live and learn situation”. She says “Every single student you come across is different and your own kid is very different than students you have.” As a learning specialist who helps students to be on track to pass their classes or graduate, the end of the school year is a stressful but important time of year for her. “It’s hard for me to think I won’t be there, especially for some of my seniors,” she states. Joseph says she is most excited about “meeting this little human!”

Cooley found out that he was expecting in late June of last year, and told the staff members a month into the new school year.  He says he cannot relate on the same level as Pineda and Joseph, as he is not carrying the baby, but he feels “that there are some things that are relatively common and so I have been able to talk to them about some of that stuff.” Cooley feels confident about his parenting skills stating, “While it is definitely different in your personal life, I have seen a lot of kids and a lot of examples of parents, and probably know more than the average person about child development.” Cooley is planning to leave at the beginning of March for paternity leave. He’s sad to leave his @d.tech and classes but is very excited for “the look of awe in a baby’s eyes when you know they are taking the world in.”

While Joseph and Cooley already know their expected babies are girls, Pineda says “I am not going to find out, I’ve wanted it to be a surprise.” Pineda has also taken classes in education and child psychology and says because of this she is able to “think of what is important and how many books to read before their first birthday.” She continues, “And as a teacher this has shaped the way I think about raising my child.”  

Due to their close due dates, Pineda feels that she and Joseph have been able to bond over the shared experience. She says, “Emmy and my due dates are pretty close so she is able to tell me ‘I’m feeling this’ and we are able to compare how we are feeling and what is happening and what we have figured out and what we haven’t.”

Pineda is planning on returning to d.tech in the fall but with a potentially adapted schedule. “I have always wanted to be a mom and have envisioned myself as a mom.” She says, “Now I am thinking about my husband as a dad, and my parents with another grandchild, and his parents as grandparents, which is very exciting.”

While these three teachers have some expertise in kids, they recognize that being a parent will bring about many new challenges and experiences. Joseph asked for advice from parents and our d.tech community was happy to offer up their own advice.

“Get ready for explosion, car explosion, crib explosion, life explosion. And, stay away from cloth.” – Melissa Mizel

“Teach them baby sign language, and about koi fish.” – Ken Montgomery

“Identify a coffee shop within walking distance that ideally opens at 5am.” – Lessley Anderson

“You need to learn to take a step backwards and realize that this is about them, not you.” – Quincy Stamper

“When you are delivering, you are the QUEEN. Without you, nothing happens. You are in charge. Ask for everything YOU need.” – Carolina Moroder

“Sleep when they sleep. I know you’re just gonna wanna watch Netflix, but you got to.” – Henry Lonnemann

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