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Second Semester Senioritis

Julia Reid | jreid19@dtechhs.org | March 6, 2019

Illustration by Nicholas Gibson

The school year has reached the second semester. This is a time where many students feel that the year is almost over, and the freedom of summer break draws near. However, there is one group of students that see the second semester very differently from the rest. These students have spent three and a half years preparing for the the end to this semester and are anxiously awaiting graduation. These students, as you may have guessed, are seniors. Their apathy towards doing work towards the end of school year is famously known as senioritis.

For the majority of seniors, the entirety of the first semester was spent filling out college, financial aid, and scholarship applications. This process, while difficult, is also very stressful, formative, and time consuming. As senior Destin Silver put it: “College apps themselves I wouldn’t say are evil, but just the entire process of being under so much scrutiny [for something] that hasn’t even happened yet.” Seniors have spent the last semester under the watchful eyes of parents, teachers, and college admissions officers. This kind of “scrutiny” as Silver put it, causes many students to burn out by the second semester of their senior year.

But why are seniors having feelings of senioritis? Silver seems to think that “we have to recuperate somehow, and slacking off is a pretty good way of doing it.” Another senior, Daphne Palmeter, has different ideas on why seniors are experiencing senioritis. While she agrees that the first semester of senior year was stressful for most students, she chalks up most of the seniors’ feelings to being sick of structured school.“By the time you are a senior in high school you have been in school for 12 years,” she said. “Of course you’re sick of it. You’re an adult and have these responsibilities, but you’re stuck in school doing jack.”

While most students share the lack of motivation associated with senioritis, a surprising number actually don’t allow it to get in the way of their work. Senior Georgina Fakoukaki had a healthy attitude about her motivational issues: “I’m less motivated to do work because I feel like I put a lot of work in first semester, but that doesn’t mean that I should stop all of my coursework just because I’m entering college.” This is a healthy way of looking at it, though not everyone wants to work as hard as they did before.

Other students such as senior Troy Springett want to allow themselves to be lazy, but know that they must do their work in order to do so. “I don’t really want to have to deal with doing work this semester so I just got it done all at once. It’s a mental thing, you just kind of think of it in the long run,” Springett said.

It seems that the majority of the students have this idea that school is just another box to check at this point, and while they recognize their lack of motivation to work, they don’t necessarily let it get to them. Each student deals with these feelings in their own way, ultimately understanding that it is their responsibility to finish off their last semester of high school before moving on to college or wherever life may take them.

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