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Alexis Huang | ahuang20@dtechhs.org | May 15, 2019

Junior Steven Varghese recruits non-baseball team members last minute due to a shortage of players.

The week before spring break, the d.tech baseball team found itself in the middle of an impending crisis.  An important baseball game was scheduled for the upcoming Saturday, and with a few members of the rather small team leaving the Bay Area, it looked like the d.tech team wouldn’t have the enough players needed to compete. In a last ditch effort, team member Steven Varghese sent out an SOS message on his Snapchat story calling for volunteer players, and the d.tech community delivered– several d.tech students who weren’t even on the team suited up and helped beat the Pacific Bay Christian High School on March 30th in a league game victory.

“[Steven Varghese] posted something on his Snapchat that said ‘Hit me up if anyone wants to play baseball for a game on Saturday,’ and jokingly I said ‘Yeah sure I’ll play baseball,’” recounted junior Noah Chen. “I thought it would be fun– and I had nothing to do on Saturday because my friends were all in Italy.”

Junior Evan Arriaga, on the other hand, only participated because of the pressure he received from his friends on the baseball team, such as junior Kevin Lynch.  “I forced Evan! I was the only one who forced Evan!” boasted Lynch.

Other volunteer players included junior Lydon Fuller, as well as freshmen Akira and Yoshi Ernise. Volunteer players attended a practice session on Friday to practice their batting and catching skills. It all seemed to pay off as these players didn’t just help d.tech win the game– the players slaughtered their opponents 15-0.  Ironically, d.tech earned a higher score competing against the Pacific Bay Christian School this game than when they had their whole team, according to Varghese.

He credited the team’s success to their easy-going attitude heading into the match, stating that “I don’t think anyone was super super stressed about the game, because we were all going into it knowing that there were members that weren’t that experienced. We just had fun with it and I think we did a lot better.”

Despite the sweeping win, Arriaga was disappointed that he “was only able to bat once and got walked,” meaning that the pitcher had thrown four bad pitches in a row, robbing Arriaga of his chance to show off his batting skills. Still, he was eager to mention his greatest contribution to the game — stopping a ground ball. Chen was  happy to report that the game finished in the 5th inning after a mercy rule, and that he was able to keep a d.tech baseball hat as a token of his effort.

What was originally a desperate situation turned into a great bonding experience for baseball lovers all across d.tech, allowing students who weren’t able to commit to being a permanent part of the baseball team to contribute and learn more about the sport. While Marcus Marsall, d.tech’s Athletics Director and the  baseball team’s coach, encouraged the stand-in players to become official members of the team, it seemed that none of them took him up on the offer. Ultimately, the baseball team only had these weekend warriors to thank for their excellent game record that will hopefully continue in the games to come.

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