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Are More People At d.tech Single?

Gabriel Lim | glim20@dtechhs.org | May 28, 2019

Photo by Gabriel Lim

Hello lonely d.tech dragons! You wonder why you, like so many other students at d.tech, are single? Does it seem like your friends at other schools are having more romance in their lives? While high school relationships are notoriously short-lived, messy, and brimming with drama, many d.tech students believe that relationships are harder to find at d.tech than at larger, more conventional public high schools.

Many students at d.tech are under the impression that the personalities of students at the school are the reason why so many are single. “[There’s] a lot of nerds here,” explains junior Lily Chambers ”brainiacs do not typically want to date other people, because that’s not really a thing that comes first.”

Sophomore Catherine Simone believes that smaller schools like d.tech make relationships harder. “I think more people is good,” she explains. “d.tech is just a melting pot of a bunch of different types of people who are totally different so maybe there aren’t as many compatible matches than other schools.” This was a similar response received from many other people about being in a small school. The fewer people there are, the less likely it is you’ll find someone right for you.

Students at a more traditional local high school, Burlingame High School, offer their perspectives on the romantic benefits of a larger school. Larger schools have “a lot more people you can get to know,” says Dalton Boyse, a sophomore. Sophia Baker, also a sophomore from BHS, agrees, saying, “There’s also a higher chance you’ll date someone outside your friend group.” This is better than dating within your friend group, she says, “because that doesn’t usually work. Like after [the breakup], who leaves?” At smaller schools, drama and gossip sometimes spread more quickly and students have a tendency to  take sides. At a larger school if something happens, it’s easier it may be easier to move on without as much drama.

Even though there are  drawbacks to being in a small school, some d.tech students see the positives.  “People are closer here and more chill with each other,” says junior Timmy Gee. At small schools, students are less likely to see new faces, which is good for shy people who have a hard time introducing themselves or meeting new people. Also, d.tech has a spirit of inclusivity which is more welcoming of differences.
d.tech’s small size is both beneficial and detrimental to relationships.  The combination of drama spreading quickly, unmatching personality types and not many options makes d.tech not the best school for finding relationships. On the other hand, shy students can enter relationships much more easily due to its small size. One thing is for certain, though. There are relationships at d.tech, if not many, and while some students may have better luck sliding into people’s DMs on Instagram, others can find relationships amongst their fellow dragons.

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