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Letters from the Editors In Chief

Hezekiah Smithstein (Editor in Chief, Web)

Thoughout this past year, reporting, writing, editing, and publishing stories for The Dragon has consumed my waking hours. But it has also allowed me to step back from my own life to share the vibrant personalities, experiences, and perspectives of the d.tech community. Being Editor in Chief of The Dragon website has been worth every second.

From frantically running around while reporting d.tech’s first rally to quickly covering mysterious teacher disappearances, managing The Dragon website taught me how to work under heavy time constraints. For more controversial stories on The Dragon, I have learned that it is equally important to take the time to cover topics purposefully to create growth rather than harm.

This past year, I have been fortunate to work with the most talented, dependable, and enjoyable staff that I could have possibly hoped for. In addition to long hours and intense discussions, moments like laughing at our silliness during staff meetings and dressing up in crazy costumes are part of what made my time here special.

But it’s all of you in the d.tech community who make our hard work worth it. Whether you’ve stopped to read The Dragon, or sat down to share your insight during an interview, you’re interaction with the newspaper gives us purpose. It is only because of your involvement that The Dragon is able to showcase the variety of voices at d.tech.

Journalism has an incredible ability to bring people together and help us improve the world we live in. Future editors: consider your purpose, lean on each other, and find the voices that aren’t always heard. And of course, remember The Dragon’s mission: Spark discussion, burn ignorance, and ignite a sense of community!

Maria McAlister Young (Editor in Chief, Print)

Throughout my four years at d.tech, change has ironically been the one constant thing. As the record of our school, managing the Dragon paper has been one of my most important responsibilities.  

It has truly been an honor working with close friends to share news about all the new changes at the school and highlight the amazing students that attend d.tech. My fellow Dragon staff are people I genuinely enjoy spending time with (which is good considering we occasionally stay at school until 8:30 pm to finalize the print editions).

This past year has taught me the importance of good reporting and taking the time to make the right decisions. After ending the last school year with questionable decisions regarding a specific article, I’ve learned how to lead conversations on difficult topics and how to navigate tough interviews.

However, without all of you, our readers, our work would have no meaning. It is impossible to share anything with an empty room, just as it’s impossible to write articles for a non-existent audience. Reading your comments and hearing the discussions in the halls has shown us all that what we are doing is having an impact. So to all our readers – even if you’ve only read one article – I would like to thank you for being there and I hope you all continue to read the content that we produce.  

To all students interested in pursuing journalism either next year or further in the future, we need your words and your art. Use this platform to share joyful stories of successful projects and triumphant baseball victories, but also use it as a way to push the school to be the best it can be.

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