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Which Cafe is best?

| Phoebe Rak | prak20@dtechhs.org | September 30, 2019 |

D.tech students love the cafes; students are always looking for a teacher walking out at lunch they can tag along with to get their fix of higher quality food. But which cafe is really the best out of the abundance of options that students and staff can choose from?

Provided by Nicolas Gibson

Cafe 300 is a classic, with options ranging from Senior Steven Varghese’s favorite mezze platter to Photography Teacher Quincy Stamper’s favorite, pepperoni pizza. When walking into the cafe, students can see the beautifully decorated cakes and pastries along with the crepes cooking on the skillets. From time to time, there are special events going on, such as farms selling fresh produce, or local bakeries selling their cupcakes. Deeper into the cafe, there is a pasta bar, a pizza oven, a salad station, and a grill. 

While all of these are great aspects, some complain that the lines for the grill can be too long and can eat away at precious lunchtime. “I’m pretty sure I’ve waited for like 40 minutes for the grill one time, it was crazy,” says Senior Nathan Wilson. The convenience of this cafe and the close proximity to d.tech make this cafe a universal favorite among students. 

A hidden gem can be found at building 100.  Cafe Refresh has cold brew coffee on draft, kombucha, and DIY salads and other Californian favorites. This cafe is out here living in 2030 while the others are in 2019. At Cafe Refresh, patrons can order either on their phones or on the provided iPads in order to get their food without any extra human interactions. 

“You can add up to SIX crunchy toppings on your salad; it’s a game-changer” says Senior Olivia Gutierrez.  In addition to the “game-changing salads”, Cafe Refresh also has smoothies, soups, and falafel wraps. Cafe Refresh is a healthier option and while it may not be the favorite among carb-loving high school students, this does the trick for diners looking for a quick and fresh meal.  

A fan favorite cafe is the taqueria, or Cafe 200, where hungry staff and students can choose from a selection of Mexican cuisine, such as tacos, burritos or Junior Alex Guernsey’s favorite, the quesadillas. While Mexican food is a Bay Area favorite, many students think that Oracle’s take on the cuisine leaves something to be desired. “It’s really hit or miss,” says Photography Teacher Quincy Stamper, “Sometimes the rice is too crunchy”. English Teacher Patrick Sullivan agrees. “It really depends [on] who makes it; some people fold the burritos like they are hamburgers.”

While some are not sure about Cafe 200, others love it. Math Teacher David Groat’s favorite cafe has actually shifted over d.tech’s stay at Oracle .”It used to be the 300 and now it’s 200 because it is the food that I primarily eat, which used to be pizza, but after becoming vegan, I don’t eat pizza anymore so I get a bean and rice burrito from the 200 cafes,” says Groat. Senior Luis Obergon says it is his favorite as well: “It’s Bueno, bonito, y barato.” says Obergon.

What students may not know is that there is actually another cafe in the 500 building, but it is off-limits to all at d.tech except one. Because his wife works in that building, English teacher Patrick Sullivan is the only person at d.tech who is allowed to go. If Sullivan wants to eat there, his wife has to get him a guest pass. While students may think this cafe would have the highest quality food, Sullivan says “It is actually the worst one; they have paninis, soup, and fruit salad, [but] there aren’t many options.” Sullivan compares the cafe to the panini section of the 300 cafe but “less”. 

Last but certainly not least, Cafe 400, or the burgers and fries cafe, is another favorite as they have the Impossible Burger, a favorite among vegetarians and carnivores alike. The impossible burger is a vegan burger that supposedly tastes exactly like meat and “bleeds” as well. The burger is a novelty as it is not served at many places, but Cafe 400 is up and coming enough to have this trendy dish.  This cafe is often overlooked as it is farther away from school and more of a walk. Many also enjoy the Indian food section, as it was moved from the 600 cafes after its renovation. While some are excited that their favorite foods are a closer walk, others mourn the loss of the diverse options that 600 offered. Senior Steven Varghese says: “The Asian cafe promoted diversity, and with its shut down, I felt sad, but I know they will make it even better.” 

While all of the cafes have their super fans, the universal favorite was the 300 Market. With its wide variety of options, it is hard to beat. “The people working there are sweet, and I feel like I’m more a part of the Oracle community when I am there,” says Sophomore Katherine Errington. 

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