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Lunch Meetings, Activism or Jokes?

| Sonal Maharaj | smaharaj20@dtechhs.org | October 29, 2019 |

Recently, a large group of boys has begun to create school-wide meetings, where they walk the halls of d.tech during lunch. 

Inside the boy’s bathroom during one of the meetings. Photo by Eric Francis

Senior Eric Francis, one of the creators of the “meetings,” said they started off as “small group meetings in the bathroom.” A regular occurrence during lunch,  Francis explained, “it was our friend group, Adam, Cody, Jacob, Aiden, Luke… just a few boys.” Originally they would just “sit in the bathroom and vibe and chill” during lunch. Another creator of the “meetings” is Senior Luke Watson, who said these meetings started to grow in size. “When a couple of sophomore boys [who noticed these meetings]showed up and joined us one day.” This addition of newcomers inspired them to grow their following, and they started recruiting on Monday. Watson shared that walking through the halls with so many people following “feels pretty fun and cool.” These large groups of students haven’t gone unnoticed by staff and administration. Watson said, “There have been instances where bathrooms have gotten locked, or [the staff and administration] said they didn’t like it” This didn’t deter them. As of now, the group of boys plan to continue with their “meetings” and are planning to hold a dance in the fields during lunch one of these days.  

From an outsider’s perspective, this group of boys marching the halls, shouting chants is definitely a weird sight to see. Senior Owen Walsh, friend of some of the creators said, “I feel like they just drew on some of the inner rage that many people in the d.tech community [have].” Senior Phoebe Baggott recounted, “It was definitely weird, I was like, ‘What’s going on?’”  Baggott noted that she started noticing things “last week, when it was much smaller.” Now she observes that “the group has definitely increased following.” Baggott feels that the reason for the meetings is that “students are trying to express their thoughts about the community meeting and CBL.” Baggott went on to express that she doesn’t feel like this is the best way for students to be heard. “It’s definitely getting them attention,” but she feels that, to make it a real protest, “there should be female voices active in the meetings.” 

One thought on “Lunch Meetings, Activism or Jokes?

  1. Do they really need “female voices active in the meetings”? She may be referencing how the women’s movement required men to help them with their protests before making more significant progress towards their goal, but that doesn’t always mean that the guys when alone need the help of women, as this isn’t a gendered issue. If anything, the lesson that the women’s rights protests say is that they need the help of staff, whom they are somewhat protesting. I feel the most logical reason for there being not a single girl is that they just don’t want to protest it or to be loud and rowdy about it.

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