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d.tech Pep Rally: All the d.tails 

| Roxanne Baggott | rbaggott22@dtechhs.org | November 22, 2019 |

Chatter fills the air as d.tech students file out of the school building and onto the back patio for the first d.tech pep rally of the year. An excited buzz radiates off of the people on stage against loud pop music in the background. Over the loud teenagers, you hear, “d.tech let’s get started!” from senior Benji Chang, and before you know it, candy is being thrown into the crowd.

There were two main forces behind this pep rally, d.Leadership, as well as Ms. Lecroy’s “spirit squad” had been planning it for about a week and a half. d.Leadership has been around for all five and a half years of d.tech’s existence, but LeCroy’s spirit squad is quite a new group. She started it at the beginning of the school year in hopes of the school having more spirit. LeCroy described how d.Leadership and the Spirit Squad work together, saying that “I think basically, spirit squad started prior to finding out that leadership existed, so now we’re trying to join the two together.” Julia Hom, a sophomore on leadership agrees, “I’m on the spirit team so LeCroy collaborated with our team leader Sonal so we would plan the activities and she would plan the overall ideas.”

Seniors on one side of the rope pulling with all their might. Photo By Taliyah Huang

There were a handful of events in the pep rally, including a giant tug of war and a turkey trot. The turkey trot — the first of the two events — was essentially a three-legged race where student pairs each put their legs in trash bags and hopped together as fast as they could to the finish line. Two participants, sophomores Genevieve Crouch and Calvin Hansen, competed against seniors Lydon Fuller and Griffin Trumpler. Crouch and Hansen won the trot, beating the seniors out by a few seconds. Crouch says, “At first Calvin thought I was going to fall because of the height difference.. he’s six foot one and I’m five foot one… and then I was just like you know, let’s just do it anyway.” Hansen adds that he would “ten out of ten recommend” the activity and that he “would do it again.” 

The next event showcased was the tug of war. At first, it was categorized into sophomores and juniors competing against freshman and seniors. Quickly, however, students from all of the grades joined whichever side they felt like joining. In the middle of the two sides, there was a pit of shaving cream, and d.leadership members were near, armed and ready with more shaving cream to spray the losers. The tug of war ended with a surprising victory for the group made up of mostly seniors, brought on by a sudden snap of the rope.

Senior Lydon Fuller jumping into a kitty pool full of shaving cream. Photo By Taliyah Huang

At the end of the rally, Sonal Maharaj, a senior and member of d.leadership, announced the winners of the spirit week. The winner was Mr. Cooley’s @d.tech, and the runner ups were Mr. Groats @d.tech as well as Mr. Brocks @d.tech. The winners would get donuts during @d.tech for their spirit efforts. Spirit week was a success, and in the future, many d.tech students hope to see more pep rallies similar to this one. Sophomore Anna Solis states, “It was my favorite one out of all the years I’ve been here. I’m looking forward to one of these in the future.”

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  1. That’s a very interesting development. I do wonder how you may entice those who don’t really care for watching these events, maybe by involving the entire audience in a live voting event, or something involving the audience. Anyways, it’s good we’re trying to increase school spirit, since it isn’t as high as others would describe their different schools.

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