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What Happened to Groat’s Window?

| Phoebe Rak | prak20@dtechhs.org | January 21, 2020 |

Image of Mr. Groat’s broken window. Photo by Patrick Sullivan

Whoever walked into Mr. Groat’s room during the second week of intersession, may have noticed something was missing. On Monday, January 13th, Math Teacher David Groat walked into his classroom to find the third most right window in his classroom, shattered. 

Groat arrived early that day, but with all of his shades down, he did not see the window until after the morning staff standing party. “One of my morning rituals is to open the shades in my room, and when I opened the shades, big surprise,” said Groat. 

Closer image of the shattered glass with design lab post-it attached to the window. Photo by Patrick Sullivan

Upon seeing the window he called up Director of Business Operations Hanan Holloway, who formulated a plan to fix the window. Groat then proudly displayed the window to his @dtech and d.lab classes, which sparked conversation around the school. 

That afternoon, Holloway brought in a “Glass Expert” (as referred to by Groat) to see the window and investigate the cause of the break. He determined that the break was due to the shifting of the building. “All buildings settle over time, which causes minor movement in the walls, and his opinion was that this was just the settling of the building, which is a fairly common occurrence. They have it over in the Oracle buildings all the time,” said Groat.

The break was in the innermost window to the classroom (All of the windows at d.tech are double-lined). The “Glass Expert” came again on Tuesday the 14th, and took out the broken pieces and taped over the sides of the window. “Now we just wait until the replacement team comes in. […]  I am hoping they get it done fairly quickly, but they cannot fix the window while students are there, so it may have to be on a weekend,” explained Groat.  

Despite the “Glass Expert’s” suggestion, other theories have begun to arise. Senior Ian O’haire said, “It must have been like a water buffalo that wandered in and smelled the peanut-flavored cliff bars and then heard Mr. Groat coming and had to get out and decided to flee out the window.”  

While some are speculating that the break could be from a hungry animal, Groat still agrees with the “Glass Expert.” “I looked at [the window], and there seemed to be a spot where the break started and all of the shatterings came from. But it is really high on the left. […] Had it been a lower spot that was more readily accessible maybe other theories could have been entertained but it really seems to have occurred after all the students left and before they arrived.” 

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