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Formal 2020 Draws a Crowd

| Kira Hofelmann | khofelmann20@dtechhs.org | February 3, 2020 |

2020 Winter Formal. Photo by Kelley Hill

For this year’s Winter Formal, d.leadership rolled out the red carpet for the Old Hollywood themed night. On February 1st, over 200 students pulled up to the City Nights dance club on Harrison Street in San Francisco to chill with friends, eat food, dance the night away. 

Many students were in for a night of dancing, taking pictures, and watching seniors Diego Caoili and Nathan Au-Yeung dominate the dance circle in red velvet jackets. Over 200 tickets were sold, however, it was not d.tech’s biggest ticket sale. In fact, senior and d.leadership Advisor Adelyn Chen said that two years ago nearly 300 tickets were sold. Chen feels that in recent years there has been a decline in school spirit, and stated that “especially after the first two classes left, [the school has] just become less community-oriented so I don’t think people are as willing to go to dances as they used to be.” 

However, those who were brave enough to attend reported that this year’s Winter Formal was a success. When being interviewed about her thoughts after hitting the dance floor, sophomore Kayla Lumbre said, “It’s really good, the venue is a bit small and it’s really crowded…  but it’s been really fun and the DJ is a lot better this year.” Chiming in with a similar experience, junior Sophie Sakamoto said, “Formal’s pretty cool, there are a lot of people jumping. I’m losing my voice but overall it’s been pretty fun.” She also commented on the food and venue, saying that they were “good” and “nice,” respectively. Her only wish being for the venue to have windows. 

The size of the venue was one of the most commented-on features of the night. You might have sat down in one of the many squishy comfortable booths thinking that the room was a bit small and cramped. Well, if you didn’t go to the bathroom and peer through the curtains, you probably didn’t notice that the dance was located in the lobby of City Nights. “We only rented out a part of the venue,” said Chen, explaining that it was because on the same night as formal, City Nights was hosting its annual Playboy Bunny themed night starting at 9:30 pm. As you exited the club, you might have noticed a collection of girls with bunny ears dressed in black leotards beginning to line up. Despite the smaller area, students still danced, mosh pits and dance circles were created, and if anything it brought people closer together. 

Fashion statements were also broken that night, with senior Benjamin Chang showing up in a red sequined jacket, citing it as one reason that formal was better than he thought it would be. Chang said, “My cool clothes came in time for everyone to see my cool clothes and think they look cool.” His other reason that formal was “cool” was that “the venue [was] much better than [he] thought it would be,” since looking at pictures, Chang felt the outside seemed “sketchy”. He was pleasantly surprised when he arrived on the dance floor, however. 

The DJ was the same one that played at d.tech’s 2019 prom which had received positive reviews from students. Chen stated that d.tech has a good relationship with him and “he’s knocked down the price for us because we’ve worked with him for so long.” Playing a range of songs from modern rap to k-pop, students would scream when their favorite songs played or jump around in a circle with their friends. 

Highlights including senior Benjamin Gao being lifted into the air as the room chanted “Stanford!”, a variety of songs being played, a plentiful of snacks, and the fog machine that was fired once made this night truly one to remember. Overall, it was a successful and classic d.tech 2020 Winter Formal.

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