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Sophomore Passion Projects 2019-2020

| Amrisha Maharaj | amaharaj22@dtechhs.org | January 28, 2020 |

Since the beginning of time, d.tech, known for its creative, inspirational, and passionate students, has always encouraged the creation of passion projects to help make the world a better place. By advocating for students to participate in programs such as the Innovation Diploma, and providing access to resources such as the DRG, helps inspire students to jump-start these projects.  

Sophomore Taliyah Huang with her passion project. Provided by Taliyah Huang

  Sophomore Taliyah Huang embodies such qualities and demonstrates her passion through many personal projects. Huang’s personal favorite is her infamous automatic flute cleaner. Huang combined her passion for flute-playing and her love of creating, to make the first-ever automatic flute cleaner: the Auto Flöte. She created it using 3-D modeling as well as electrical components. With the press of a button, the flute is cleaned by a spinning roller that it’s placed on. Although Huang is ready to retire Auto Flöte and its many renditions, for a new start, she hopes to expand her other project, a line of veterinary products called d.Vet. Inspired by her two parakeets, Huang started a branch of projects, cleverly named “Care-a-keet,” under d.Vet.  This includes her very own temperature perch, which uses the bird’s temperature to identify kidney disease or sickness, and amotion sensor, which tracks her bird’s activity to decipher whether they are sick. Although Huang has her hands full with d.Vet, she is excited to see what the future has in store for her, and said, “As a passionate user of design thinking, I hope to change the world for the better.” 

Sophomore Nicholas Gibson with he passion project d.fence. Photo by Kasvi Singh

Another creatively articulate sophomore, Nicolas Gibson, passionate about leaving his mark on the community, created d.fence. d.fence is an interactive installation consisting of 148 colorful wooden tiles that spin by gliding one’s hands across them. Inspired by pixel art and kinetic sculptures, Gibson hoped his project would make the community livelier. Besides interactive projects, Gibson also has a newfound love of fonts and created his very own. Upset by the lack of creative fonts available, Gibson decided to take it upon himself to make a change. “I was also interested in working through the many limitations to create the perfect font,” he said. It was also the impact of fonts, as well as its art that further pushed him to create his own. Describing his fonts as simple, modern, and reminiscent of mountains, Gibson said, “If you think about it, fonts are an art form. We use them as a form of expression.” 

With the rise of designers and creators, we are able to get a glimpse at the new and hopeful future ahead of us. With the help of passion, today’s designers can become tomorrow’s change-makers. Their drive for creation can influence and impact the world. 

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