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Voter Registration Aims to Inform Students

| Jemma Schroder | jschroder20@dtechhs.org | February 4, 2020 |

Artist interpretation of voting ballot. Drawing by Nicholas Gibson

With the 2020 elections just around the corner, the United States is becoming increasingly politically aware, d.tech being no exception. During the first two weeks of February, a Voter Registration Drive will be held by a group of juniors and seniors in hopes of preparing students aged 16 or older to vote in the upcoming primary elections and the November general election. Throughout the two week period, the drive will take place in the Atrium at lunch, where students will need their Driver’s License/Permit and Social Security number to register to vote.

Organized during the October 2019 Intersession, The Voke Media—the team’s moniker—aims to “inform students of our age about political issues and what different issues mean to them and their future lives,” according to junior Griffin Conley. “There’s a certain letter of misinformation that happens when you’re not really paying attention and you’re only watching Youtube,” he explains, “so it’s important that there are ways for kids our age to be able to know what they’re doing.” 

The team has targeted d.tech as a way to fight the issue of low voter turnout at its core—according to the US Census, in the 2016 general election, only 46.1% of eligible voters ages 18-29 actually voted, an astounding percentage for a demographic commonly seen as the most politically involved. “People in our country have spent so much time fighting for the right to vote,” expressed senior Yamini Prasad, “but if [politicians] see that older people are putting more of their voice out…their policies will reflect that.” 

With d.tech’s mission centered around changing the world, it is the perfect place for students to host a voter registration drive. “It’s our motto,” explains junior Carolyn James, “to make the world a better place. It’s our future.”

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