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What Will Happen to Quincy’s Classes and Advisory?

| Isabella Gamez | igamez22@dtechhs.org | February 5, 2020 |

Quincy Stamper. Photo by Kelley Hill

The sudden resignation of Advisor and Photography teacher Quincy Stamper has left many wondering who will take over his photography classes, advisory, and role of photographer for the school. The general question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is: what happens now? 

Katheryn Gentzke, a familiar face who currently resides in room 206, is now taking over as the new photography teacher. Gentzke began her career at d.tech during the  2019 October and 2020 January Intersessions as an instructor for the photography class. There she made connections and memorable impressions on her students. Thandapani Chandrasekaran, a sophomore currently enrolled in her Intersession class, recalls Gentzke as, “Loving her thoughts and feelings for photography…always finding a new and exciting angle”. After a week of substitutes, d.tech’s photography classes welcomed Gentzke on Tuesday the 28th of January. After spending the day in her class, freshman Kathrine Alvares commented, “I’ve only known her for one day but I’m pretty excited,” She smiled, “I think the class dynamic is still the same about the same. But the teaching style is something I’m definitely going to have to get used to.”

Continuing to build upon a theme of familiarity, Quincy’s former @dtech welcomed their new advisor Molly Robertson at the beginning of the new semester. Robertson is currently the school’s Counselor and is excited to begin this new chapter at d.tech. Not much has changed for the @dtech as they continue to embrace change. Senior and member of Robertson’s @dtech Mia Saiki says in light of recent changes “I personally think that so far Molly has tried hard to keep the same vibe that we previously had in Quincy’s old @dtech for the most part which is nice,”  She continued “It still isn’t exactly the same but that is expected, so overall it’s not too bad.” As change at d.tech is inevitable, the new semester brings with it a fresh start for Stamper’s classes.

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