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Behind the Front Desk: Abbie’s Student Helpers

| Sonal Maharaj | smaharaj20@dtechhs.org | February 10, 2020 |

Senior Anthony Guardado on the phone at the front office. Photo by Samantha Mah

Often the first person one sees upon entering the school, Abbie Rosete is the warm face that greets visitors, helps the student body with their needs and helps the staff with their work. On most days she handles all this work with a smile on her face. Noticing the amount of work Abbie has throughout the day, several students, in true d.tech fashion,  have stepped in to help her out. 

Recently recognized as an Empathy Warrior for his help with Abbie, senior Anthony Guardado is one of her consistent aides. Guardado first started sophomore year, helping out with now Community Learning Specialist Karen Brewster, who previously worked at the front desk. After Abbie was hired, Guardado continued helping out, stating he enjoyed spending his free time there. After meeting Abbie, Guardado said she “Handled the busy schedule well.” Working at the front desk with Abbie for so long, Guardado learned a variety of things from her. “She helped me fix up my resume and complete my portfolios and letters of rec.” 

Another regular helper at the front desk, senior Mia Tapia, agrees with Guardado, and stated, “Helping her out at the front desk helped me [appreciate] how well she handles things.” Tapia, a much more recent addition to Abbie’s list of helpers, explained that she started helping Abbie out because she knew “how difficult it is to do everything at once.” Tapia went on to say that given the multitude of tasks Abbie completes each day, she felt that Abbie “Needed a person to talk to since her day is so stressful.” 

So what can we do to ease Abbie’s stress-filled days? Tapia believes that it’s important that students understand their responsibility for taking care of the space especially during lunch. She explained that many students “Take advantage [of] how passive she is,” but she wants students to understand the time it takes out of her day cleaning up after them. Another thing the student body can take into consideration is returning loaner Chromebooks and chargers. Tapia said that currently, “The front desk is missing all of its loaners,” with only “one remaining charger.”  Guardado stated that given how busy Abbie is, “Students need to understand to approach her with politeness.” Lastly, both seniors agree that it’s about high time that d.tech students learn where the classrooms are. So next time you think of stopping by the front desk remember to appreciate the work that Abbie does for this school and use the map on the announcements page. Also, return your loaners already! 

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