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d.tech’s Hunger Games

| Leo Belman | lbelman20@dtechhs.org | February 26, 2020 |

Late in the evening of Saturday, February 22nd, nearly half of d.tech seniors received a different sort of homework assignment.

Senior Sophia Daskalakis assassinating Senior Erika Hillhouse. Provided by Kira Hoffelman

“Senior Water Assassins” is one variant of the popular and widespread college and high school game called “Assassin” or “Killer,” and has found its way to d.tech. The simplest explanation of the game is that each participant is given a target to “eliminate,” which they must do using some form of “water weaponry” such as water guns, water balloons, or even pipettes (if you happen to like chemistry). Whoever has the most points by the end of the game, which is usually when there is only one “survivor,” wins. There are ways to protect yourself by wearing swim gear, and when you eliminate a target, you inherit their target. You can find the rest of the rules here

Senior Kira Hofelmann introduced the idea to d.tech, but she was told about it by her cousin. “My cousin came up from L.A. and he asked if we were participating in senior assassins, and I was like, ‘I don’t know what that is,’” she said. However, this game is not a new concept, as Hofelmann’s cousin told her. “He said that his school, […] Servite, [had] participated in senior assassins for the last 20 years or so.” Indeed, “Assassin” has been around since the early 80s, when game designer Steve Jackson wrote the rule book for it, called “Killer: the Game of Assassination.” 

46 seniors are playing in the d.tech edition of the game. In order to join, participants had to chip one dollar into the “pot” that the winner of the game will receive at the end. The traditional amount, according to Hofelmann, is five dollars, but she didn’t know if that was too much, especially considering that this is the first time d.tech has ever played the game. “I still wanted there to be like a cash prize so people would actually be interested, that’s why I chose to make it just one dollar, and then even if they couldn’t afford it, I would, if I could, pay for them,” she said. Hofelmann will be holding onto the money until the game ends. 

While seniors can use almost any form of water, many probably want to use water guns. As such, if they don’t want to order one, senior Geran Benson is selling small water pistols for one dollar each. When asked if the money collected from the water guns is going into the prize money, Benson replied, “No, it’s going to me.” He elaborated, explaining that he isn’t making a large profit, saying “If I made a profit off of it would be like five bucks.”

One of the issues some schools have had with the game is that it will disrupt the learning environment, but Hofelmann said that she spoke to d.tech Culture Coordinator Henry Lonnemann. “I did talk to Henry a lot […] I told him that playing during school hours is off-limits […] so it doesn’t directly affect the school,” she said, “I shared my rules [with him] and he said, ‘Yeah, that sounds fun. Go for it.’” 

Even so, other schools that have participated in the game have had some problems concerning perceived threats. In some places, like Overland Park, police issued warnings to high schoolers for disturbing the peace. Police were called when neighbors spotted a high school student hiding in the bushes outside another student’s house, with something that looked like a pistol. That was just one of many similar incidents that occur occasionally when the game is played. Because of this, police recommend leaders of the game alerting residents in the neighborhoods involved of what is going on, to ensure the most amount of safety. 

Video of Senior Diego Caoili assassinating Senior Jackson Drewes. Provided by Diego Caoili

Anyhow, several players have already been eliminated, and seniors all around d.tech can be heard scheming with their friends on how to get their target. “Senior Assassins” has arrived at d.tech for the first time, and the next few weeks will tell how big of a splash it makes in our school. 

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