Meet the Staff

Lily Chambers
Co-Editor in Chief
Lily Chambers transferred to during her Sophomore year from Woodside High School. She enjoys yoga and hiking on the weekends, and loves spending time with friends. During the week, she volunteers works at Bare Bowls Palo Alto, and gets homework done. Some of her favorite pastimes are reading philosophy books, playing the piano, and looking at the news. Lily values hard work, honesty, respect, always doing the right thing.
Phoebe Rak
Co-Editor in Chief
Phoebe Rak is a study in nuance. She’s a feminist who loves makeup, a liberal with a solid appreciation for rules and systems, a serious student with a comedic streak, and a vegan who likes animals but doesn’t really love them. She’s lived in California her whole life but has visited many states, including a road trip through the Dakotas because her mom thought she needed to experience red states for herself. She didn’t like it, but she also loved it. She’s always up for a lively debate on pretty much any topic and looks forward to exploring controversies and nuances through The Dragon.
Chloe Duong
Director of Website
Chloe Duong is a senior who gets mistaken for a freshman most of the time. You can see around school hopefully not stressing out about her grade in math. When she's not worrying about school she umpires baseball games in the spring and coaches a kid baseball team over the summer. During spring she swims for's swim team. She loves learning more about her culture and folding origami. Beware of her long nails though!
Max Hofelmann
Co-Video Director
Max Hofelmann is the new co-director of broadcasting. You’ve probably seen him around holding a camera or running down the halls after Asa or Vlad. Max is excited about this year and all the new videos to come.
Jasper Bull
Co-Video Director
Jasper is a bipedal, anthropomorphous being currently residing in Design Tech High School. Origins of Jasper are unknown. The intentions of Jasper are unknown. The biology of Jasper is unknown. Social contact must be maintained for a period of at least thirty (30) minutes a day to avoid aggravation. Multiple attempts to nullify Jasper have taken place, all ending in failure at a massive cost of human life. Under no circumstances should Jasper exit the confines of the school, otherwise [REDACTED] will be unable to stop the destruction that will inevitably ensue.
Kelley Hill
Director of Photography & Art
In addition to photography, Kelley loves animals and spends much of her free time, training dog agility and working with horses at various barns. Although she currently only has 2 dogs and a bearded dragon, she has had 35 pets throughout her life: 24 fish, 4 dogs, 3 lizards, 2 stick insects, and 2 frogs.
Geran Benson
Director of Print
“Geran Benson, born in Dallas Texas one year after the turn of the century has lived almost all his life in California doing things and going places. He likes Cars, Games, Tech and multiple other things. Got any questions or random facts, Geran would love to talk.” -Morgan Freeman
Leo Belman
Section Editor
Leo Belman was born in New York City and lived in Brooklyn until he was five, when his family moved to Hong Kong for two years, for his dad's work. He went to two middle schools in New York, before moving to California when he was 13, for eighth grade. Moving to California was a huge shift for him, because everything is more relaxed and quiet out here, which is something he had to get used to (and eventually did). Leo is currently a senior at (obviously), and lives in Menlo Park. He has two dogs, a golden retriever named Dallas and a pug named Picasso, and an older brother who is now in his freshman year of college.
Nicholas Boyko
Section Editor
Nicholas Boyko is a senior and an editor for the Dragon. He loves writing and reading, especially non-fiction. He also enjoys {\displaystyle \zeta (s)={\frac {1}{\Gamma (s)}}\int _{0}^{\infty }{\frac {x^{s-1}}{e^{x}-1}}\,\mathrm {d} x}. His favorite activity outside of school is playing bass, as well as listening to and talking about music, especially the Brutal Slamming Death Metal band Xavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffx. He enjoys going to concerts with his dad, Andrew Dennis Boyko, and is always looking for new music to listen to. He is also fluent in Morse code.
Kira Hofelmann
Section Editor
K.inda cool, I.rish dancer, R.eally likes unicorns, A.mazing calves, a twin, O.ften takes naps, F.orever young, E.xceptionally awesome, L.oves movies, M.akes mistakes, A.lways chooses pink, N.ever turns down Disneyland, N.eeds more pets
Alexis Huang
Section Editor
Alexis Huang is a senior at who loves writing, graphic design, animals, and languages! Along with working on The Dragon, she is a part of many other clubs, such as d.leadership and yearbook, and also runs her my own study blog. If you're interested in her mediocre SAT advice or want to talk about anything from the perfect instant noodle-cooking technique to the age-old debate about whether milk or cereal should be poured first, don't be afraid to stop her in the hallway and say hi. (she pours milk first, by the way, but is always happy to hear an argument from the other side.) Alexis is excited to spend her last year here documenting the experiences of's 2019-20 school year through the newspaper and hope that everyone will stick around for the ride! She is also a big fan of South Korean pop band EXO; her favorite song being "Jopping".
Jemma Schroder
Section Editor
Jemma Schroder is a senior at Design Tech High School and a section editor of The Dragon. She enjoys journalism because it allows her to view - and the world - through many different lenses. Jemma is also a co-president of the Model United Nations team and a co-captain of the sailing team. Outside of school, Jemma is extremely interested in politics and world affairs, but also greatly enjoys mathematics, philosophy, and cognitive science.
Patrick Sullivan
This is Patrick Sullivan's fourth year teaching at high school, but his first year advising for The Dragon. His experience in journalism includes being a staff writer for the Sonoma State Star and the Cougar Chronicle at Cal State San Marcos. He currently also serves as the copy editor of a small print magazine in Los Angeles, Spectacle of California.