Meet the Staff

Hezekiah Smithstein
Editor in Chief (Web)
Hezekiah will often crack a joke, crack a smile, occasionally crack a code, and most definitely crack an egg. He wakes up at the crack of dawn for school, often starting his day in the crack between waking and sleeping. Most often during the day he will crack his knuckles, in preparation for one of multiple wonderful alternating weekly activities: maybe cross country or basketball, maybe playing violin at services, maybe writing, or maybe just enjoying a quiet afternoon at the house. Those are always nice.
Maria McAlister-Young
Editor in Chief (Print)
She’s that really weird senior who walks around and asks people seemingly random questions all the time. Also loves food and sleep.
Jessica Baggott
Section Editor
Jessica is a senior at Design Tech High School who loves two things in this world: her beautiful son and cat, Willow, and the sweet oblivion of sleep. She also plays and obscure instrument known as the paino and her dream job is traveling the world in search of the best Waffle ever.
Andrew Nourie
Section Editor
Andrew enjoys piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, but he is not into yoga and he has half a brain.
Ally Shirman
Section Editor
Ally is known as the school’s crazy cat lady. Because she spends so much time with her cats, she is slowly turning into one herself; this can be observed through her passion for food, sleep, and most of all, attention.
Ethan Yu
Section Editor
Ethan really likes food, especially eating it. He is often seen hanging out with friends, but you will most certainly always see him with food in his hand because of his infinite hunger. If you have food that you’re willing to give up, find Ethan because he will probably want it.
Asa Bensaid
Art Director
"Hello, you've reached the number for tech support, how can I be of assistance today?"
Vlad Morozov
Broadcast Director
Roses are red, My name is Vlad. I have a cool hat, And it makes me glad.
Jaya Reddy
Social Media Manager
Don’t let her name fool you! Jaya Reddy is many things, but ready isn’t one of them. This senior enjoys art, journaling, archery, and photography. You may find her in the DRG sketching away, or somewhere in the forest shooting arrows, but you’ll never catch her on the bus. Why? Because she keeps missing it!
Matt Silverman
Photo Director
Matt is a senior who likes taking photos, climbing rocks, and petting cute dogs; sometimes all at the same time. Send him a message if you would like him to take pictures of your dog at and follow him on Instagram @matt.silverman.
Lessley Anderson
Lessley Anderson was a 14 year career journalist who wrote about everything from business to cults to food, until she became a high school teacher. Now she has found the perfect blend of business, cults and food, at