Intersession Locations Heat Map

Researched and Put Together By: Arthur Yu Design Tech is right in the middle of intersession, which means that there are hundreds of students spread around the Bay Area gaining real-world experience. Here is a heat map based on where certain kids are located during these two weeks. The bolder the red means the more …

How Students Deal With Stress

Research by Sam Colman As seniors are racing to finish their college applications, they are more stressed than ever. Here is an infographic that senior Sam Colman compiled through his in-person research a few months ago. This infographic originally appeared on The Dragon website on June 5th, 2017.

How Students Deal with Stress

By Sam Colman The tables below show how stressed people were as the school year came to a close, and how they dealt with their stress.  While the histograms contain two data sets, many of the participants in the survey were the same in both sets.